23 July 2011 @ 04:21 pm
Weekend plans  
So, finally got through a week of work, coming home, eating and doing the face-pillow-pillow-face routine LOL

Nicci and I have given each other tasks to do - stuff that needs done - both fannish and RL - hers to me was: Upload Merlin fics to A03 and tidy the bedroom.

I've not only finished the Merlin fic upload, I've also put away all the clean laundry in the bedroom, getting ready to pull all the other shite out and getting it sorted and put in a more orderly way (that's the plan for tomorrow).

But, in relation to AO3, I've now a list of fandoms uploaded that makes me happy (fandoms where I'm DONE uploading stories LOL):

♥ Torchwood - 25 fics
♥ Merlin - 24 fics
♥ Firefly - 20 fics
♥ Star Trek - 20 fics
♥ SGA - 2 fics
♥ Andromeda - 1 fic (MY FIRST!)
♥ x-men (comicverse) - 10 fics
♥ Due South - 33 fics
♥ Cardcaptor Sakura - 1 fic
♥ Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - 1 fic

Fandoms to go:

♣ Stargate SG1 (too many to count! 60+?)
♣ Smallville (15-20 I think)
♣ The Sentinel (not sure, 15-20?)

*dances a little dance of joy*

Now, next up - a run and a shower ^_^ - dinner and a wee bit more coding on the website layout I'm recoding.

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03 April 2011 @ 01:30 pm
Cheers, one and all  
Thank you to those of you who fell for the April's fool joke - and thank you to those of you who abused me verbally afterwards XD

So, peeps. It's Sunday. Whatcha all up to?

I'm faviconXimeria at the AO3, and fandoms in the immediate queue include Torchwood, Startrek 2009, Merlin (BBC), there's already Firefly, Due South and Doctor Who up *g*

Oh, and btw? Users can now subscribe to get an email notif when a writer updates or posts a new work - and more's on the way!

To put this information on your own journal, copy and paste the following and take out the capitalized parts and put in your own information

Oh, and I've got an invite for the archive if anyone's been considering getting their stuff up there - it's easy to use (unlike the Pit), easy to search and easy to read off. Not to mention you can download the fic into various file formats to read on the go! What's not to like!?

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