11 April 2016 @ 07:48 pm
Getting stuff done  
I’ve occasionally mentioned Nicci’s and mine two-person challenge. We sit down every two weeks (via skype) and gossip for a few hours. We also, however, roll a dice and the dice dictates what we’re doing the coming two weeks.

Sometimes it’s computer maintenance, sometimes it’s photos (editing, scanning old photo albums etc) and sometimes it’s being creative (writing or crafting) and sometimes it’s website maintenance.

The latter is what I rolled two weeks ago.

Now, I hadn’t updated my website regularly since 2012... Ahem, so I had a bit of a backlog. I also wanted to make the site dynamic and mobile friendly. Now, you might ask, why bother, we have AO3, which most of you know I have an account on with 300+ fics (*groans* that makes me feel so old!). Now, young padawan, I know you younglings don’t necessarily understand this, as you get your archives and social media sites served on a platter. I am not only out of a time where it wasn’t out of the ordinary to have you own website, it was actually pretty common.

Also, I’m a ginourmous dork and enjoy designing and last, but not least, fiddling with the code. So I did a couple of HTML5 and CSS courses to brush up on it (via coursera) and JavaScript and Dynamic website programming (also via coursera). And I finished the latter just two weeks ago. Right in time for rolling website maintenance. So I’ve spent the past two weeks faffing about with code and recoding old pages and coding new ones. And I hadn’t expected to get it done in time for rolling a new challenge yesterday, but mid-afternoon Sunday, I put in the last coded page and it does work, it has all my fic and the few fanvids I’ve done.

Does that mean I can feel accomplished? Damn sure I can! Now to go look for some elephants for my arts and crafts project the next two weeks. I never knew how hard it would be to find four damned elephants that would fit on top of the box I’m using.

So if any of you peeps know where I might be able to find elephants of 3-4 inches in height, do let me know.

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07 February 2016 @ 07:58 pm
GSD challenge 3rd round - deadline February 14th  
So, the previous week's challenge was a bit up and down for me. I was supposed to deal with the website (or at least figure out the pros and cons for what I could do and what I couldn't). Well, I had a whole list that I worked down to very little. I had ideas of dropping my fic into a database and only having so many pages on my website, but I've gotten to the point where I can tell that that probably won't be doable. I lack the coding knowledge for that - so instead I decided to take my time and teach myself a bit of PHP - went through the whole set on codecademy. It was fun, but didn't really solve anything for me LOL

The layout of the website will be tweaked at some point when I'm done with the coursera course on Dynamic webpages (it hasn't even started yet), so the ideas as hanging in the air until them.

Now, last weekend Nicci and I rolled the dice again and this time I had to deal with photos. Or in this case, scans of photos - I have a ton of pictures that used to be my parents' and I've been threatening to get them scanned and fixed (some of them need more love than others). First half of the week: Nothing done *laughs*. It's week one of term start at work - I have barely managed to eat dinner when coming home from work.

However, I made a hell of a dent yesterday, so I'm back on track - and getting quite a bit done tonight as well, so I'm confident that I'm actually Getting Shit Done this time around ;)

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16 January 2016 @ 12:02 pm
GSD challenge update - deadline January 17th (and other stuff)  
Well, I had two weeks to do something fannishly creative and I did manage. I'm not sure it's good enough to share LOL - but I did work out a prequel for the Warehouse13 fusion, so I'm happy. I might keep working with it and eventually add it to the story from 2014. However, I did manage to plan out at least two actual parts to the series on top of that and that will be my writing project through spring; getting those two written.

So all in all, the first GSD project has yielded more than I expected. I'd hoped to have an actual fic to show for it, but I'm not happy with the flow of it (and quite frankly, it's a bit boring and not enough on its own). So yes, I'll keep working on it - it's 3 pages long so to me that's all it is, a prequel that I'll probably put into the series when I do the actual sequel to The Weird and Wonderful. To think I initially intended it as a single entry into the AU challenge in 2014, I now have not one, but two sequels planned (and the prequel helped me put a lot of my ideas into the planning process).

So we'll see what the dice say tomorrow - what the next two week will be challenge wise *g*

Now I'm going to gut some cabinets and get some rubbish sorted.

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10 January 2016 @ 10:52 pm
GSD challenge update  
Aye, it's going forward, I swear!


Well, I've got it planned out so that I know what I can get done in the week that's left. Originally I had two parts up at AO3 that were part of the warehouse 13 fusion, but I've disconnected the 2nd part as it won't fit in (so it will just have to be an alternate timeline to my AU *g*).

I should be able to get a prequel done that covers how Erik is dragged into the whole madness of the Warehouse. I think trying to get more than that done might be overdoing it ;) (I've got my last week of JavaScript course this week as well, so yeah).

It does not mean there won't be more *stares at 5 pages worth of brain storming*

I've got at least one part that will be a case in style with the show, probably and making use of the full team, hopefully, with some foreshadowing (this will all be pre-relationship). Then there's a part that will be more relationship focused (though still deal with the weirdness of the warehouse itself) - as well as delve deeper into what the warehouse IS. That part is roughly 2/3 of the brain storm! *sighs deeply* I can't seem to do simple anymore...

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05 January 2016 @ 07:06 pm
Good Morning 2016  
*yawns and looks around*

*dusts off dashboard*

So, yeah. Erm. *clears throat*

Maybe I should be doing something around here, this year. Nicci and I have made a bit of a challenge for ourselves - apart from the project 365 photoproject. Every two weeks we roll a dice and have a list of things the numbers relate to.

Bi-weekly Challenges

Roll a dice - make a list of what is to be done (plus maybe stuff that we'd like to get done) - share list

1 computer maintenance
2 website work (updating/redesigning/recoding etc)
3 fandom work (creating, fic, manips, covers for stories etc)
4 flickr/fb (photograph album sorting) uploading
5 scanning/photoshop (prep of images) (old photo albums)
6 wildcard/free choice

This week I've been challenged by the number 3 - and I think I'll be starting on my Warehouse 13 AU for Xmen. Whether I'll be finishing it is anyone's guess, but I've got ideas for a longer story by now than the first musings that I did for my fic-a-week project back in 2014.

I'll try to keep updating here so I can hold myself to our challenges. And we'll see how much I can get done within the next two weeks. And what the challenge will be after that. It's basically just a "Get Shit Done" challenge.

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