02 September 2011 @ 11:35 pm
We've set up the first challenge @ the [community profile] anything_goes, so if you're feeling an urge to take part, join and start creating fannish stuff!

Challenge post - we want people to make vids, fanfic, art etc to the theme of 'First Love' ^_^

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17 August 2011 @ 10:19 pm
Fannish Escapades  
Hello everyone,

No, not quite dead yet, but getting there - work has been hellish already and it's not even september 1st yet O.o

Also, I had a dental appointment yesterday. Not as bad as I feared, but bad enough - made for a wonky day that ended with a damned tension headache last night - guess what? It was still there when I got out of bed this morning *pouts*

It's still lurking on the fringes of my mind, but I hope tomorrow morning will bring less of a headache. Please.

Well, so far the past week or two of fannish workout... not so much LOL - or well, you know, a little anywho.

On Friday night Nicci and I launched the [community profile] anything_goes. So far it's been good and I even sat down and put together the first digest tonight. 18 entries. Not bad, not bad at all.

Digest can be found here

Also, I went and wrote an Avengers ficlet as well as an XMFC Charles/Erik fic for the community's inauguration.

Never Judge a Book by its Cover - Thor/Iron Man (just for the hell of it, based off 2 seconds of the Avengers trailer).

And Childhood - A darkish Erik/Charles story (shut up, I can do angst!), in which I abuse comicverse background story on Charles.

Also, I have 4,500 words of het/slash/femslash that will possibly never see the light of day. It's one pairing only: Charles/Erik (XMFC), but yeah, it falls under het/slash/femslash, because I decided that what I needed to write was a sex marathon so that I could get rid of the urge to write porn for long enough to finish the damned plotty Trek fic I've got loitering on my harddrive... I wonder if I can sucker anyone into checking through the porny 4,500 words and tell me if it should ever be allowed out among the public XD

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13 August 2011 @ 10:30 pm
Community FUN! Invites all OVER the place XD  
So peeps! We finally decided to do the damned community I posted about a while back *g* - I guess that does make us slightly insane. Anywho, here's your invitation:

We're having a party and everyone's invited. The community is called [community profile] anything_goes, and that's just it.

Anything goes, you got fic, vids, manips, artwork, really, ANY media? Post it. Any fandom, any rating, any media - as long as it's fannish. Any orientation too. Gen, het, slash/femslash, whatever! Anything goes.

Now, of course, this would be boring if it were just [personal profile] nicci_mac and yours truly, which is why we're inviting you to come join. Even if you don't intend to post, commenters are needed as well. Anything from 'yay' to long winded critical comments are welcome (especially if a poster asks for that). Don't worry, flames will be doused and trolls will be booted out the door if we any such should occur. We want the tone to be civil.

Feel free to pimp, come join etc.

If it feels like too much to follow, there are always the option of navigating with the tags, as well as once we've got a few posts, there'll be a digest once a week, or every two weeks - depending on the traffic.

Just for the hell of it, both [personal profile] nicci_mac and I have posted a couple of things and now we're just waiting for the rest of you *g*

*whispers: I wrote 1 Charles/Erik and 1 Thor/Tony Stark for you guys! and Nicci did a Merlin manip!*

*blinks* Should that have said: come to the dark side. We have cookies?

anything goes community
[community profile] anything_goes

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07 August 2011 @ 11:17 am
NEED INPUT Multifandom community question - suggestion, really LOL  
Question to all those of you who do artwork/manips/fic/vids. MULTIFANDOM QUESTION:

Nicci and I got to talking last night - as we do. Both she and I miss a community where anything goes, fandomwise, pairing wise. Now, it has the potential to be a big mismatch and pretty chaotic, but it could be fun to try this.

Now, I know most of you frequent LJ, but it's been unstable for a while and quite frankly, I still think DW is the better option for this. Also, because it's open for using open ID, it would make it possible for people not on DW to take part.

I figure, open community from the start - if things get out of hand, it'll be shut and you'd need to ask for membership, but that's about it. I'd rather appeal to people's good senses than think everyone's a potential wanker (though, aren't we all )

1. A community where you can post anything fannishly created. You have a vid. Share it. Wrote a fic? Share it. Manipped or did good old fashioned hand drawn or CGI work? Post it. Write a dirty limerick? That would be more than welcome as well.

(yes, there'd be tagging - of course there would or we'd get lost in no time. I was also contemplating adding a delicious group that would collect all posts/links - to make it easier to search - much like the kirkspock community on LJ has.

2. There would be a possibility of posting things open for collaboration. Say, you write a fic, you wouldn't mind someone doing artwork for it/inspired by it - label the post as open for collaboration. Make a vid - wouldn't mind a reaction to it, in any other mediaform as well, label it open for collaboration. Do artwork, want stories/vids/manip reactions/companion pieces etc? you get the idea.

3. Searching for betas. All kind of betas, for artwork, vids, manips, fics etc. Creating an actual LIST of people who are willing to beta, what they're willing to beta, fandom, media, pairings, what they don't want to beta (squicks).

4. Having one or two 'challenges' every month - because this is one of the things we both miss from other places. I mean, I love sinking my teeth into the porn battle, but it's only twice a year (and considering the work BEHIND the scenes, thank god for that, I'm not sure [personal profile] oxoniensis would survive wrangling this more than twice a year *g*). Open challenges without deadlines, some with deadlines, but mostly always open so it's possible for people who want something for inspiration to soft through the challenge posts and find something that might jolt an idea into being.

5. and I know this is a hard one for some, but it's not a must, it's an option. Posting unfinished work and asking for beta help/comments. I assure you I know the wank potential here, but seriously, I'd love the community to be a place where people can ask for help without being ridiculed or otherwise shot down. I'm not saying we shouldn't be truthful if something needs work, but there's helping and then there's being an arse - let's aim for the former.

So, yes, no, have we lost our minds?

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