23 September 2012 @ 03:49 pm
Question to the all-knowing flist *grins* - e-book apps.  
Hi guys,

I'm currently multitasking within the same area - e-book reading apps.

I'm always in the market for a (perfect) good e-book reader app - and I have people at work asking what e-book reading app to get for iOS (iphone and ipad). Now, it's pretty legendary how I feel about iOS *grins and pets her 'droid* probably mostly because I have to listen to the eternal whine of 'but it doesn't work on my ipad!' (which is a lie - I know that much XD).

So, what's your favourite e-book app? And can it handle Adobe's DRM? Android, Kindle, Nook, iOS etc? What's your experience? What's the good points of your favourite app and what are the drawbacks?

I already use Aldiko and Kindle app on my droids - and on the ASUS Transformer I use ASUS library which can handle the DRM as well and is remarkable easy to read on (actually prefer it to the kindle app - and would wish it existed for my HTC One as well).

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