18 January 2010 @ 12:12 am
I just finished 5.000 words of merlinfic *beams*
I have broken my curse!

Also, I have realized many a thing, while having Star Trek XI running in the background. I have a thing for Chris Pine's very blue eyes and Zachary Quinto's lips, especially the curve of the upper lip...

Yeah, um.


*sods off to bed*

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13 January 2010 @ 12:28 am
2 thing before bedtime  
1. I have a head full of snot. Sorry for the disgusting image, but it's to warn you guys that I'll either drop off the face of the earth for a few days while I'm fighting it or, as is more often the case, I'll be posting really weird shite (well, weirder than normally).

2. I've been thinking about f-locking my entries, mostly due to what has happened to an online (and offline) friend whose had some arse contacting her work to tell them what she does online (as well as quite a few extreme lies including beastiality and child porn). She works within the educational system, so you can imagine what kind of shite might hit the fan, but so far her work place is taking it easy, so that at least is something. What I'd like to know is what the fuck makes people pull such shite in the first place? I see friends left and right f-locking and I had a moment of wondering if I should do the same.

Only, you see, that's where the stubborn arse rears it's ugly head. I'm talking about me, yeah LOL. I mean, first of all, my boss knows what I do online, so there's really nothing there. And with my line of work? Not really a problem. I'm still angry beyond words that anyone would do this, going as far as coming up with lies. So this really mentally disturbed individual (I can't bring myself to call him/her/it a person, that would be too kindly put) goes and screws over another person's life. Just like that. Why is it that fandom seems to occasionally want to show me just how brain dead some people can be? How absolutely disgusting? So no, at this point I refuse to f-lock my entries - purely out of rebellion, although I support those who chose to lock them fully - understanding why they do it.

I really want to run into this individual in real life - I'd like to introduce him/her/it to a verbal ripping of a lifetime.

*heads off to find the painkillers*

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21 December 2009 @ 09:44 pm
You know, I often read Merlin Missy's articles, and this one caught my eye as I was catching up.

The epic of Figwit - when Fanons collide

most of all, because of how she divides up fanon, canon and authorial intent.

You might give this article a glance as well. Stinky Links - it's about linking/sharing/getting misquoted etc in fandom. Really, it would be great if more people read this and learned from it XD

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16 February 2009 @ 09:11 pm
*laughs herself silly*  
I'm sorry, I've been reading stuff about the DS fandom, how some are more easily offended than others. Really. Get over yourselves. Try, say, joining a fandom where wank is an everyday occurrence and then just be glad you're part of an easier fandom. Hey, in DS it's allowed to say that "I don't slash Vecchio because I do not find him attractive". Well, I'm allowed, because I really don't care about the amount of toes a comment like that could squish. I've been in one fandom where I tried to do the main pairing thing, Sentinel, but I couldn't stomach a lot of things.

1. Same boring ideas and people as in the SG fandom that I'd just left and

2. I never have and never will, find Blair attractive. And in the long run? I have to find both guys attractive to some extend.

So, there. Not by far the worst fandom I've been in. I recall SG1, if you even so much as contemplated anything but Jack/Daniel, you were considered a traitor.

In DS? I just prefer Kowalski's character to Vecchio's, part because I find him more attractive and part because I love writing the character. He's sufficiently insane to appeal to me. I get the same kick from writing him that I get from writing Jayne in Firefly.

I don't choose pairing from what's the most popular, but what inspires me to read and write.

That said, I've seen others comment that it's almost as if the DS fandom is trying to be too nice now, that you can't say or write just anything in fear of others being offended...

Uh... and people sometimes wonder why I stay away from fandom and rarely comment.

Bunch of nutcases the lot of them/you/us.
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23 October 2008 @ 12:48 am
Fanfic ponderings  
In which I reminisce about past and present fandoms. And possibly rant a wee bit about the 'lovely' TW fandom *eg*

I believe this might've been brought on by the fanfic meme the other night XD

Feel free to add whatever you want in the comments, tell me about your first fandom, about the first kerfluffles and about the first signs of homicidal urges you noticed when the waves got a bit high.

Note: Please understand that this is entirely my opinion so don't feel like you're a target - I'm just thinking out loud.

I'm too nice to do this without a cut XD )
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06 September 2008 @ 03:13 pm
*starts gigglling*

How can you expect me to read a piece of fanfic where the first word in the story is a typo? Too instead of to? And halfway into the next paragraph, she spells bed 'bead' instead...

*would fall off chair laughing if not for the fact that should would be worse for it*

I mean, I can do typos. I do them regularly, though mostly in ordinary LJ entries. That's no excuse for sloppy writing, I know XD -- stories however... Well, I've been known to *gasp* post unbetaed and I'm not fond of doing so, but it happens. Doesn't mean I don't go over it with a fine toothed comb and have other people read through it to see if they can cath the worst mistakes. I do prefer an actual beta, at least for anything beyond porn battle entries. They generally have to get done fast *shrugs*

I just can't focus on a story these days if it's full of errors. I can't do the right thing with semi colons, so I tend to not use them unless a betareader suggests it and gives me a good reason to. I stick to commas instead. I'm a Dane, we use about three times as many commas as the English language, so I'm bound to get it wrong here and there -- at least until the betareader hits me over the head *g*

That said, misspelling too/to, breathe/breath etc... that's just plain sloppy.
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