14 September 2012 @ 06:53 pm
Just for the hell of it- taking apart a book on fan culture and fan fiction 0/?  
I'm not sure if I'll ever get through this, but here's the back story.

A while back, in my line of work as a clerk in a book store (university level) I had a book between my hands that was ordered by one of the educational places of Odense.

I'm not judging them here - I'm judging the book itself. At the first look it looked interesting enough. It was a smallish book on fan culture and fanfiction. Of course, when I started reading it with a friend who majors in media science, we were both struck by the fact that 1. the book should have had the subtitle of 'with focus on twatlight Twilight (and a side order of Harry Potter and knitting (don't ask)). And 2. it was sort of rude to the rest of us (to me at least).

I think upon skimming it, there were several things that struck me as wrong as well as plain insulting. Now, it may be that it's aimed at contemporary YOUNG fandom/cultures but we got to talking that maybe, just maybe, it was worth picking it apart. So, if ya'll are interested in it, I'm willing to take it chunk by chunk - and let you have your say. I'm not going to put my own opinion in the closet, but you're welcome to disagree. My opinion WILL be coloured by the fact that I am not and never WILL I be in the Twilight fandom, but there are still essential parts of the book that just hit me as WRONG. Will I tell the publisher? Sure, if our conversations here become interesting enough, I might just do so. It's a publisher that specializes in educational books, so to me, that means, it's perfectly legit to rip one of their books apart -if the book is off, they need to know.

The other half of my personality just likes poking fun at 'normal people'/'outsiders' writing books on topics where I, even after a decade and a bit, still feel like a bit of a noob.

So, would you guys be interested in conversation? Humour, fun, acadmically founded facts - it's all welcome.

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