06 December 2010 @ 09:03 pm
This that and the weekend  
It's awfully quiet here, now. It's been nice having people in the flat who didn't look weirdly at you for professing your love for Jayne (thank you Skuf, Casey gets my snickering love as well)

So, I've started compiling the list of vids we watched through the weekend and actually writing up the list (I'm sure we forgot to put one or two on it, but it'll still be damned long LOL)

So, thanks to you guys, Nora Charles, Skuf, Calvinahobbes, Oneiriad for spending the weekend here and to Exeterlinden and Kabal: You were greatly missed.

My cold, of course, still makes life hell, so I don't know for how much longer tonight I'm actually conscious.

So, while I sit and consider the list of vids, I have realized I may have a slightly strange obsession with the new music vid from Carpark North. Not sure why, but I dig it. (The vid - the song's been stuck in my brain on repeat for the past 3 weeks - so it goes without saying I'm enjoying the music itself quite a lot).

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19 September 2010 @ 11:17 am
Signal boosting a meet-up  
We're going to try to put together another fannish insanity at my place (like we did in Spring). The dates possible are up at the community on DW ([community profile] dkfen) - Again, it's open to non-Danish fen as well, who might want to join us.

If it follows the last meetup, we sit around and share fun shit and watch fanvids/movies/tv shows ^_^

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14 June 2010 @ 09:37 pm
spammy mcspammy - aka for those interested in the meet-up comm  
[community profile] dkfen is up and running - any changes/suggestions are welcome.
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28 May 2010 @ 07:05 pm
Talking about meet-up  
Hello all,

and a happy weekend to those of you who have arrived at it (fairly) unscathed.

During our get-together last weekend, we got to talking about having a place/community to find other fans and to arrage meet-ups - because I have to admit, trying to keep track of it via email, sms, IJ, DW and LJ... urgh, yeah, um. I can multitask, but even I have my limits and I think that taught me exactly where they lie XD. Not that it didn't work out, but it took more energy from me than it should, just keeping track of people's responses and making sure I didn't just send the information necessary to one person, but to everyone.

So yeah, short story long (or the other way around), afterwards, we agreed a community might just do the trick.

Now comes some of the hard parts. What to do? Well, people are spread all over the place and although Facebook is an option, it's not the place I tend to go for stuff like this... and not everyone wants their real names connected to fannish endeavours. So it'd make sense to choose either IJ, LJ or DW and fact is, not only is Dreamwidth where a lot of people are drifting towards (if they aren't already there) and Dreamwidth allows openID for just about everything, including community memberships and posting. On top of that, I'm sure we can provide those who'd like one, with a code for DW. I for one still have 6 I haven't given away.

So unless someone can come up with something better, I'd say DW is our best bet. Now... what do we do about naming the community? Suggestions? I'm creative, just not with names, so the only thing I could come up with just like that were the following. Any suggestions? If we get some more suggestions, I figure we'll just have a poll and see what garners the best response.


I had a long debate with myself (it happens more often than you'd like to know XD). Denmark vs Danmark. I would hate to barr anyone out because we make it seem like only Danes are allowed. I'd like it to be possible for visitors to Denmark to make use of it to find likeminded people here. It's nitpicking, but alas, I know how daunting meeting people you don't know can be *g* it doesn't make it any easier if you're not of the same nationality.

So, any thoughts against or for?
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26 May 2010 @ 06:38 pm
Links in general, vids specifically and a bit of fic we talked about  
During our fannish weekend, we talked about a few places for music, for fanvids and fic - let's see if I can remember enough XD - and urgh, next time we need a list to work with LOL - I think all links are accounted for *g*, though remind me if I've forgotten any vids *heads off to put some coffee on*

fanvids galore )

music )

I also recall promising Exeterlinden a few links to fic we talked about on the Sunday night.

Due South
Kellie Matthews - Without a net - I recall it being a bit of a comedy of errors/crime story/case based story

Star Trek XI
Seperis - You'll get there in the end (pon farr story with a bit of a twist) (War Games is the follow up, but it's more plot oriented while this one's more character focused)

Hot Fuzz
DIY for beginners [Hot Fuzz] Nickolas/Danny by Lamardeuse

Missing Out [Hot Fuzz] Nickolas/Danny by joandarck

I'll see if I can pull some more recs out for you later ^_^
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25 May 2010 @ 04:06 pm
Weekend of geekdom  
And it was. Hello, peeps. I know some of those who couldn't join us for the weekend of fannish fun are curious as to how it went, and I can say this much:

We're totally doing that again ^_^

Three days of fannish fun )
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08 April 2010 @ 08:19 am
Check-up on meet-up *g*  
Right, boys and girls. Can I get a show of hands who is sure (or pretty sure) they'll be showing up on my door step some time between the 22nd and the 24th of May? Just comment in whichever journal you want - I can keep track LOL

I'll put put the address when we get closer to the dates. Safe to say, it's pretty close to Odense city middle (20-30 minute walk from the train station with more than a few bus lines running past my back door).
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18 January 2010 @ 10:29 pm
Date suggestions for meet-up  
Right. This is to see if we can settle on some dates for the meet-up and so we can get an idea of when most people would be able to join. If we choose a weekend with some or our numerous holidays what we could do would be people could join when it was convenient for them - no one says everyone has to be around for all the days we choose. Even joining for just one day would be a great opportunity to just see people and make new friends. For the new ones joining here, unless I hear offers of bigger places, we'll do this in Odense. I've got room for a few with the use of air mattresses and a fold-out couch. Not to mention that [personal profile] noracharles lives in Odense as well, so that would provide more room for sleeping guests (I believe some of us are now so old we need sleep too XD)

What we'll be doing during the meet-up? Suggestions are more than welcome. [personal profile] skuf suggested meta/discussion - particularly non-wanky topics (those are always more than welcome), and fics if we can find enough fandoms in common.

And hey, why not just do a round of 'pimp your fandom' or have writing sessions. The sky's the limit *grins*

So it's up to you guys now ^_^

(The poll is located @ dreamwidth to have it somewhere - you can either comment here on LJ or at DW (using open-ID or just poke me if you need/want a dreamwidth invite)

As this is crossposted through DW, LJ and IJ - I'll collect answers and put into a post when the poll runs out. Shall we say we set the deadline for the poll on the 31st of January? That should give you guys time to get hold of people who might not see this post and point them in the direction of it.

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05 January 2010 @ 09:04 pm
1st post of the evening - regarding meet-up  
Right, boys and girls, last year I did a post asking if anyone would be interested in a meet-up (Danish). We had some interested parties here and there - not to mention, the rest of Scandinavia as well as Germany. Now's the time to figure out if it's doable.

What I'd like to know is as follows:

When would be of interest to you guys and girls? - April or May or June for that matter?

There are quite a few holidays in April/May that would allow for us to make it an extended weekend, if people feel like doing that (even without the holidays, we could do that). Also, no one says everyone has to be there all the days - I'm more than open for people coming and going -- as long as everyone has fun and everyone has the opportunity to make new friends.

Depending on the number of participants, I still offer my flat up (Odense), but I recall one or two other offers the first time around, so we'd have to have a check on location as well. Though, first of all, I'd like to just hear which month would fit best for everyone (and get another idea of how many might be interested).

Planning what to do would be a thing to do at a later date, but I figure we could watch fannish stuff, have writing sessions or just have fun *grins*. Whatever ideas people have, they're always more than welcome. We probably would end up having meta-discussions as well as absolutely silly talks. (it's possible we'll be consuming wine and similar beverages, so I can't vouch for the seriousness of whole meet-up XD - even without the beverages, I wouldn't dare do that *grins*)

So, peeps - how's it sound?

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20 August 2009 @ 12:19 am
To the Danes...  
... that I know are in fandom XD - we're not many, but we do exist!

[info]nora_charles and I were talking one day, about how much fun it could be to have a smallish fan-gathering around here. So my question is - would you guys be interested in a small gathering in the Spring? In Odense? Unless someone else wants to offer their house/flat up for it. It would of course depend on how many ended up saying yes XD - I won't narrow it down to just slash-fen, but... let's face it - it'll probably be one of the topics XD. Any non-Danes visiting Denmark/living here, are of course welcome as well.

So, question: Would you guys be interested? This is by no means a sign-up for it - just me trying to get a feel for the interest.

I just realized I did a full post in English - addressed to fellow Danish fen ...*falls off chair, laughing*
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