22 June 2010 @ 12:36 am
As per usual... aka, same old song and dance when dipping my toes in a 'new' fandom  
I got to talking with [info]nicci_mac about Trek fic the other night. She was mildly horrified when I told her that there's a huge trope/cliché in (specifically, but not limited to) Reboot based fic. And it of course made me realize that I had the same damned rant that I had when I joined Torchwood, when I used to be in SG1 and quite frankly, I should stop being surprised, shouldn't I?

poor wittle *insert male character of choice* )
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22 January 2009 @ 09:59 pm
Surfing again...  
Yes, again XD

I should have other things to do, but having done my duty and posted prompts/pairings/fandoms for the Porn Battle VII I think I'm allowed.

I came across a few references to there being wank in the Merlin fandom... eh... either I've been completely avoiding anywhere it goes on, or people don't know what real wank is. I mean, after Smallville, SG1 and Torchwood, wank has to be really WANKY for me to count it as such.

And it made me think, I know, I'll try not to hurt myself *g*

What's the nicest fandom you've ever been in and why?
And because it's only fair, what's the worst fandom you've ever been in and why?

My best? Firefly I think. I mean, fandomwise. Everyone I ran into was nice and it seemed the majority could handle about any pairing people could come up with. Of course it might've changed since then. It's been a while.

Worst? Somewhere between SG1 and Smallville. Seriously, people take themselves far too seriously. Oh, and Torchwood? I can't really take anyone seriously in that fandom XD Bunch of wankers, the lot of them.

Hmmmm, actually, the only thing that ever bugs me about the Merlin fandom, and actually, the TW one as well, is when I read fanfic and eventually wonder: "Are we even watching the same show?" But actual wank? Maybe someone opposes the Arthur marries Gwen thing. I think it makes as much sense getting worked up over that as it does to get annoyed that the show doesn't follow the better known versions of the Arthurian legends. The show's more or less an AU of the stories, even though those were re-written over the years, so who's to say what's fannon and cannon? It was prettied up for a more romantic period, adding Lancelot to the mix. So, tell me, does that make the occasional tweak of the legends 'fanfic'?

*ponders with a laugh*

*♥ her cracky fandoms*

Please, don't ever become a place of sanity.
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17 January 2009 @ 01:22 pm
The week in review -- no, pictures won't be till tomorrow LOL  
Gee, it's a good thing it's the weekend and once my obligations for the day are over (kiddie b-day party), I've got a wine and skype date with Nicci tonight *g*

Which I need like, whoa!

Heh, but apart from that, work's been busy, I've been busy and that's just, you know, real life.

Which sometimes gets in the way of fandomlife, which is infinitely more fun.

So, I'd like to thank, a little belatedly, those of you filling out the poll last weekend. It was fun *g* seeing what fandoms you guys connected me with and last but not least, to see which fandoms we share today.

Anyone miss the post or want to see the poll results?

Much to my raised eyebrow but really, not that much of a surprise as I mostly got into LJ around that time, I was put in connection with SG-1 the most. And it was a good time back then -- I occasionally miss the madness. But only a little and only occasionally XD

I was more surprised to see that 2nd place is held by Torchwood.

Then again, looking at the second question, I can see I share TW with more than any other fandom, so I guess that's the connection *g*

Also... *gets sidetracked* Hmmmmm, the guy across the street is vacuuming, wearing nothing but a tight t-shirt and a pair of very tight undies. *shakes head* Sorry. He's not too shabby looking either XD

I also seem to share the Merlin fandom with a lot of you. I love this fandom. I haven't made all that many new friends, save a few. And it doesn't bother me all that much -- it's my 'I'm so relaxing here' fandom *g* -- The fun part is going over people's LJs and going 'Oh, you too,' and it's more often than not, people I've had on my LJ since before the dawn of time XD

Aw bugger, he's dressed *pouts*

So, since I'm online with the combo of Nicci, wine and skype tonight, you may expect drunken posting of a very lewd kind. Isn't it always?

Happy weekend, peeps!

PS. for the fun of it, have a Bradley picture

On second thought, make that two

No, the arse tag doesn't come into play until later tonight.
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08 May 2008 @ 10:18 pm
I've noticed a tendency in TW fanfic  
Not a new one, mind you, because it seems horribly familiar.

Cut for stream of conscience on fanfic and warping the characters )
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