14 December 2011 @ 08:36 am
Rec XMFC fic  
You know how you have an idea, write it for the nano - put it away because you have a secret santa to do (intending to edit and have it betaed over xmas) and you open AO3 and find you've been... well, not jossed, but close to LOL

Ages ago, I asked for an XMFC/Indiana Jones AU on one of the xmen kink memes. When there wasn't really anyone stepping up with a fill for it, I thought, hey, that's an idea for the nano - wrote it and when I opened AO3 I found one of my old favourite due South writers (thehoyden) having written X marks the spot - you know how you read it, love it and then look at your own 'to edit' folder with the damned nano in it? Yeah, that *laughs*

No, I know a fandom can have more than one story with the same inspiration and mine's vastly different in many ways, but it may delay the actual editing work on it *g* (mind you, it would be insane to think I could edit 50K over Christmas - what with me in Scotland, with Nicci and me doing stuff with her family - not to mention watching Merlin and Sherlock)

As for your prompts earlier in the month - worry not - I'll be starting with that tonight, methinks - as I received the first beta round of my secret santa story the other night and decided to just get that done so my lovely beta reader could have another go at it (I think our deadline is the 21st - note to self, do check that, because it would be bad if it was earlier and I turned mine in late!) - I'm also thinking, if she doesn't mind, I'm totally keeping her. She's a 'mean' beta (hey! not enough of those around! I for one adore a good, thorough beta reader)

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01 October 2011 @ 12:05 pm
Art rec post - XMFC related  
Because I'm haiving way too much fun on the fandom chat LOL (Saturday morning ohoy!)

Traditional/cgi coloring:

DA - Charles and Erik [anime style] [g-rated] by doubleleaf
Because I love the angle it's done and because it's so typically anime styled

DA - In the mood tonight [g-rated] by larbesta
Because although it's rougher in the linework it sets the mood of my muses whenever I see it

DA - Past Lives [pg13] by KatyRomance
Because it totally rocks my boat

DA - I won't make you [g-rated] by SeikoAssassin
Because damn it - the looks on their faces are hot and you just KNOW Charles isn't thinking pure thoughts LOL

DA - I want you by my side [g-rated] by brilcrist
Because it's how the movie should have ended *pouts* and how it ended in my mind anyway LOL


Fassy - by [personal profile] nicci_mac - link to my LJ as she hasn't posted it yet, but I know she won't mind LOL - semi naked warning!
Because with friend who make pickup manips like that when you've had a bad day, who needs anything else?

Please join in and add your own recs in the comments!

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