12 April 2017 @ 08:04 pm
Re-reading old fanfic (sentinel edition)  
I got to re-reading some very old Sentinel fanfic - as in back when it was a very active fandom. My history with the fandom was very short, mostly because I came into it via Stargate SG1. SG1 fandom had annoyed me at this point and I thought the Sentinel fandom would bring enough change. Nope, not really - too many of the same faces XD

Well, re-reading a decade and a half to two decades later, there's always a risk. A risk of the story you recall as being quite good turns out to be less so.

It's partly that the stories that I re-read weren't exactly brilliant, but another reason is the fact that Sentinel wrote a huge chapter of the book on cliches and tropes. I think some of the things that hit me were:

  • Everyone's straight except for when it comes to THAT one guy (both Jim and Blair are portrayed as 130% straight and struggle to come to terms with being GAY for that one dude - seriously - it's like bisexuality didn't exist in the 90s...)

  • The amount of purple prose is downright hilarious! (A ton of it is possibly down to it being from a time when ff.net was used a lot... it's definitely a different way of writing fic XD)

  • Non-con/dub-con - seriously - it's not like I haven't read and written my share of biological fuck or die stories (especially in Star Trek with pon-farr or for that matter, SG1 - aliens made them do it/sex pollen etc) but seriously - having Jim go caveman (another sentinel trope) on Blair's ass (literally), screwing him and afterwards lamenting that he has hurt his partner to only have Blair accept it because it's a guide/sentinel thing... I've never been a huge fan om non-con, or for that matter dub-con and reading 5 out of 6 stories where this is actually the outcome... yeah, not my pot of tea

  • LUBE, PEOPLE, LUBE. If it's the first time having anal sex, spit isn't going to be enough, and if you choose to go with it anyway, there'll be either tearing or at least VERY much discomfort afterwards.

I know it was a different era for fanfic, but still - I almost regret re-reading the fics, they were better in the shadows of my memories. It's not a complaint about one specific author, because I realized it was a trend in the type of fic that was written during this time and also probably something that the writers liked exploring.

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11 October 2011 @ 06:43 pm
I do, have that. A hankering to write filthy porn - but my brain is also slightly mushy tonight, so that's where you guys come in. I've been enjoying the X-men FC fandom lately - and I feel like writing more Charles/Erik. I could trawl through the porn battle prompts, I could go through the kink-memes, but I wanted a to hear you guys first.

Give me your filthiest prompts - you've got a telepath and a manipulator of metal. Go nuts *g*

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13 February 2009 @ 09:19 pm
You want a surefire way to throw me out of a Merlinfic?

1. Telling me, in the opening paragraph, that Merlin's shorter than Arthur. Telling me that it's a difference in heights that is noticeable.

2. Writing it as if Merlin's really skinny, bordering on anorexic... Um... have you SEEN Colin Morgan? They dress him in a way he might look a little on the skinny side but he's actually fairly normal in build.


Apply the same two things to TW and Ianto Jones.

In other news, I have CAMERA!!!
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10 February 2009 @ 10:16 pm
*points to icon*...  
and wails!

I'm getting to the point where half the merlin fic sounds like bad TW fic. Seriously. It's gaggingly sweet. If there's one thing these boys are definitely not, it's sweet. I mean, they're young, juvenile in behaviour (duh!), so why the coma inducing sweetness?

Let's get a few things straight. Arthur's a man -- he's the crown prince, but it doesn't keep him from being a complete and utter prat, as Merlin so nicely puts it.

Merlin's not some sweet, little innocent sheep (baaaaahs). He might occasionally be naive and he might quite often put a foot in it, but he wouldn't call Arthur a lot of cute and sweet things and then proceed to gaze lovinglly into his eyes.... I'm sure they have their disagreements, and I'm sure they're carried out with a lot of improvisation and intelligence (as in: they know what to do to really get back at each other).

Repeat after me:

Neither of those two are 14-year-old schoolgirls!

*ponders if anyone might write a 14-year-old schoolgirl!Arthur's pink and secret diary -- you know, like we had Lex's diary in SV all those years ago*
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07 February 2009 @ 10:08 pm
Have you ever...  
...had a story that you liked, but didn't get any reactions to?

Well, for the Due South Seekrit Santa, I did a crossover of Due South and Doctor Who.

And I did get a few comments on it at the beginning, before the writer's were revealed. but none since.

So, it it just because, as Nicci says, that I have too eclectic a taste in fanfic? Or because I only linked to it from my own journal back then?

Yes, before you ask, I'm slightly tipsy.

Oh, have an image of Gareth

*falls off chair*

Sorry, had a bit too much.
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