16 March 2009 @ 08:48 pm
Do I have the blues...?  
I have no idea.

Quite frankly, I feel restless. That's closer to the truth. I mean, I could write.

1. I have a future-future-apocalype Merlinfic in the making

2. I could rewrite Convergence 1 (one of my old original stories) - because let's face it, it won't do to simply edit that damned thing. Although it'd take a lot of planning too. Timelines don't make themselves.

3. I could so do Torchwood. I've even thought about a third installment for a Companion's Companion, because I like that AU universe and I like the man Ianto's become. That said, as long as I don't have a sufficiently good idea for a main plot, that's not happening.

4. I could finish reading the Watchmen graphic novel I bought before I go to see the film on Wednesday. I read it, ages back, and can't remember much, so I had planned to re-read before watching it.

And still I feel restless. You guys ever feel like that? You have a ton of stuff to get done, but you still feel too out of focus to do so?

Maybe I need a fanish meetup before I manage to make it to Scotland at the end of June, but let's face it, we're not that many Danish fans om my LJ XD - and we live spread out over the place.
Current Mood: quixotic