04 April 2012 @ 09:45 pm
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Hi guys,

How's tricks?

I'm feeling a bit more up and at 'em this week - but that's possibly because we've been working with shorter opening hours - and this of course I've been home at 4ish in the afternoon instead of 6ish in the evening. Not that it's been all that slow at work - of course with us only being three at work, no wonder we had plenty to do.

As for fannish. Don't mention it.

No, serouisly.

I'm busy planning and plotting for the reversebang (x-men) and I've managed to claim my first choice - it's pretty cracky, but it's just the way I like it (knowing myself and my occasionally mutated plot bunnies, it's not going to stay below 10K).

I also get the feeling, if I let it, I will have a LOT of world building to do *g* - not to mention I get to play with an emotionally constipated Erik (that is never not fun, seriously). It's half the fun to have him think about Charles as in "I want to keep him safe, hug him, cuddle him and shag him senseless." I mentioned the crack factor, right?

Of course, working on something means I get ideas for orther shite. Like another installment for the Mutant School AU. One where Erik screws up (it's always Erik's fault, isn't it? Well, except when it's Charles'). So I am going to, the meanie that I am, force them apart for a while. Of course I need the right mood for that one, because the other installments have been humour mixed with a touch of cracky characterization, so I can't let this one fall into the angsty pit of angst!

But that's for a later date. Now's the time to work on the reversebang!

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