31 December 2014 @ 03:18 pm
Let's not call this a New Year's resolution, but...  
Yeah, it kind of is.

For the past year (or three) I haven't used my DW or my LJ much. I've spent a bit of time on Tumblr, but truth be told, I don't have the patience for the barely there communication (it's full of pretty pictures, but that's about it for me - apart from the gazillion ideas it's occasionally given me - that will never see the light of day LOL).

So for the year to come, I'll be attempting to breathe some life back into this - both reading as well as writing here (both LJ and DW as I'll be crossposting). I'll put fic announcements up as well - because I've got more than a few coming up and quite another number planned.

  • Entry for the [profile] xmenreversebang - which I still need a secondary beta for

  • A fic done to a piece of artwork (x-men) that has had me re-writing world war 2 - as in extending it into the 1950s

  • A planned follow up to the Jade Coin (if I can fit it into getting written this year)

  • A full fledged Warehouse 13 fusion which cropped up during my fic-a-week project this past year (x-men/W13 fusion)

  • A Victorian setting (also spawned from the fic-a-week project) which probably will end up being steampunk (x-men)

  • a few other story ideas that I might get around to doing.

  • Finishing editing the original story I started on in the 00s - which I've decided might finally get to see the light of day

So, here's to hoping I'll see new and old faces around here again - I've missed the conversations and interaction with everyone here.

Hope you all have a happy New Year.

Here's to seeing you lot in the year to come.

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08 January 2012 @ 10:15 pm
Fannish stuff to do  
This is not a list of promises (well, maybe a little LOL), but a reminder to myself what I have to work on fannishly in the coming months.

♦ Star Trek (2009), Kirk/Spock (~ 26.000 words)
♦ NaNoWriMo 2011, XMFC modern day AU, Charles/Erik (>50.000 words)

♠ Mutant School AU pt 4 XMFC Charles/Erik modern day AU [started]
♠ Coffee series next part/FINISH THE BLOODY THING! XMFC Charles/Erik modern day AU [started]
♠ Have another (if tentative) look at the XMFC kinkmeme [don't even think about it!]

♣ Actually sit down and spend 10-15 minutes every evening with the sketchpad

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