14 March 2009 @ 10:41 pm
Let's get the ball...  
rolling *eg*


If I say:

Pedigree dogs are all inbred, you take the grandmother and the great-nephew,( mimes forcing copulation ) “There you go…” And they’re all next to each other in the genetic pool, so they look kinda good, but they just go, “Er… woof…”

“And what do you think about the latest doggie situation?”

“Er… w-woof… I like meeting other dogs.”

Whereas the mongrel dog with a black patch over a white face, furry on top and sleek down below because a lion shagged a whippet… that’s the one! That’s the one that goes on and nicks your credit cards and drives to the Bahamas!

Hit me with your best Izzard quote -- or anyone's really -- but you get extra brownie points for it being EDDIE!
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