15 February 2016 @ 07:44 pm
Question on behalf of a couple of friends  
And one of them's my coworker, so we're not talking mad axe murderers.

I've got two pals who are going to spend 3 months (april/may/june) in New York. They've been on contact with a company that was supposed to help them find accommodations, but the past month, my pal's had problems getting an answer back from them. Now, I thought I'd yell into the void that is the internet and ask if anyone knows of the best way to find somewhere to stay in NY or know of someone who might even have a place to stay for two perfectly well behaved Danes. The area they were looking at was somewhere between 70th and 100th (Upper West) because they're both familiar with that area (been there before for a shorter stay). So, any suggestions?

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07 January 2011 @ 11:26 pm
You know how the quote goes...  
More or less like this:

"A Friend Is Someone Who Will Bail You out of Jail, but Your Best Friend Is the One Sitting next to you Saying 'That Was Fucking Awesome!' "

Since 2003, I've had the pleasure of knowing just the type of person who fits the description perfectly. She really would be the one sitting next to me, grinning like a loon, because she's impulsive in all the right ways and she indulges my random hops and leaps between fandoms and pairings, and even when she doesn't share them - which happens occasionally, she will still create gifts for me within the context of said fandoms *g* - that's what friends do, indulge your insanity. And because she won't be home tomorrow, I get my birthday present one day early ^_^ (okay, half of it - because she already got me How to Train you Dragon on DVD while I was visiting XD)

This is a perfect end to a hellishly stressful work day *g* - Thanks hon, you rock like a box of rocks ^_^

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