04 December 2011 @ 11:32 pm
A decade!? *makes squeeky noise*  
I just checked the folders of fanfic, I was curious as to when I actually did write the first fanfic and posted it. Well, the oldest one still in existence is at WWOMB - but the site was changed a couple of years back and the dates are no longer the original dates *pouts*

However, I suddenlyr realized, I NEVER delete fic files - I just move the bloody folder when I get a new computer!


So, nearly a month delayed... I can say, I posted the first fic, an Andromeda one, on November 10th, 2001

So yeah. Erm. NC17? LOL

Oh, btw, anyone up for betaing a Charles/Erik fic that I did for a santa exchange? No? Boring farts LOL (It's PG...O.o) - I've come a long way, huh? NC17 to PG *laughs hard*

I just realized, I sorta went from Andromeda over a wide range of fandoms, and am now in Star Trek... Gene Roddenberry... the man certainly has a lot to answer for fandom wise LOL

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