17 December 2009 @ 10:26 pm
Bleh, snow XD  
I normally quite enjoy snow, but I have to admit that getting 15-20 inches of snow yesterday, from roughly mid morning to mid afternoon? Not exactly fun.

However, I hope it'll be better tomorrow, as D and I are going off to Malmö to see Eddie Izzard tomorrow.

*crosses fingers*

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06 December 2009 @ 06:49 pm
A bit of this and a bit of that.  

I got this one from [info - personal] oxoniensis. Heh, dunno why she gave it to me, but I adore it *grins*
Thank you!

Oh, and this is Hunter. She belonged to a couple of friends who couldn't take her to the new place they moved. Or rather, they have two big dogs as well and the new place was smaller, so they preferred giving her away. So she now lodges here. Hopefully she'll get used to being here and I won't end up being allergic to her (crosses fingers). I haven't had a check done for allergies in nearly 20 years. Might consider doing it again, just to be on the safe side. My pollen allergy has definitely flared since then, and it's been steadily been getting worse over the past few years.

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03 October 2009 @ 12:37 am
A nice Friday  
I've postponed my answer to the meme from [info]kel_reiley for tomorrow. My brain's gone offline, that's why LOL

Nah, seriously - today's been long, even if I have had it off from work.

I started the day out so very well - if you ignore the TV full of yabbering about the olympics 2016 - I'm not particularly interested - nor in knowing where Obama was in Denmark at that point. So I switched to Eddie Izzard, made a pot of good coffee and set about revamping the work website - hey - I'm having fun doing so XD - I'm weird that way.

Then around noon I went down town to check what new glasses would cost me and more importantly, if my eyes had changed during the past 4 years - not much in sharpness, but my astigmatism had changed from 0.5 to 1.5 - no wonder I've been having trouble lately - low level headaches and tired eyes. So, new glasses ordered paying for one pair and getting a 2nd pair as part of the deal. I can't wait to have lenses that should make it easier for me to sit at the computer for longer - it's no fun writing when your eyes are watering *sighs*

I can pick them up on the 20th of October ^___^

Afterward I went out to D's place to cook dinner, then we went into town to meet with [info]nora_charles for coffee. I'm now home, tired, but happy *g*

So, I'll be out and about most of the day tomorrow, but [info]nicci_mac, are we on for tomorrow night?
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07 September 2009 @ 10:09 pm
Dispatch war rocket Ajax  
On top of hell week (last week) this week's shaping up to be pretty bad as well. Though a few things sure made up for it.

First of all, I ordered some t-shirts from lfg.com - I was told it'd take around 20-24 days to get them. It took little more than a week! Richard!

behold the face of evil! )

And last week, in a fit of nostalgia, I ordered a DVD - because I needed more cheesyness in my life XD

behold the saviour of the universe! )
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31 August 2009 @ 07:31 am
funny meme  
gagged from [info]kel_reiley

Wordle: Ximeria's Blog

Quite fun, really *grins*

Right, boys, girls - week from hell coming up - I'll be seeing you on the other side.
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26 August 2009 @ 07:57 am
...term start is obviously hitting the university.


I may go AWOL for a week or two - fear not, I'm still alive (if you can call it that XD)

[info]nicci_mac, I am SO going to need booze on Friday night... you know, if I'm awake...

I am SO looking forward to the end of November...

So, I'll be seeing you on the other side of Hell *grins*
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16 August 2009 @ 07:29 pm
I spent yesterday buying and putting up curtains on the door to the balcony in the bedroom.

That nearly killed me LOL

Today? I've spent partly betaing a Due South story for Nicci and taking the bicycle for a spin (roughly 16 miles) - and I feel goooooooood XD - Well, I felt good once I'd had a shower LOL

Am also rereading merlinfic by [info - community] Astolat. I keep forgetting how much she can make me snort and giggle all the way through a fic *grins*

*goes back to doing beta notes on DS fic*
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25 July 2009 @ 10:56 am
Good morning, campers!  
Or rather, good halfway to noon XD

It's finally weekend and what do I have scheduled? Website work. *sighs*

Oh well, once I get into it, I actually enjoy it XD

I do, however have coffee as well, so that's good ^_^

So, list of to-do today?

* website stuff

* write on Companion's Companion 3

speaking of TW, I found this entry via [info]kel_reiley, and I was happy to see that someone had put into word what I couldn't when it came to CoE

ETA: Anyone else seen the facebook version of episode 4? *falls off chair laughing*
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26 June 2009 @ 06:42 am
Airport coffee  
So, Thursday's dental appointment was, as expected, painful, not just on my visa card, but also on my effin tooth. And yes, it's still sore.

Upside to all? I'm currently sitting at the airport in Copenhagen, waiting for my flight at 9am -- yeah, I'm a bit early, but I didn't know how long it'd take to check in -- sometimes it goes fast, sometime's less so. -- Doesn't help that it's holiday time for a lot of people, so there's a lot of activity here at the moment.

I'm checked in, baggage dropped off and I'm currently at the same 7/11 as last time I went -- cheap internet and okay coffee -- hey, it's caffeine, of which I haven't had any today XD

Well, cheap compared to once I get through security -- on the other side of that? 3X if not more, the price of here.

I've plenty of time -- once my time here online runs out, I still have 1h30mins to get through.

Yes, I believe in the fact that it's better to be at the airport an hour too early than 5 mins too late XD

So, everyone. Should everything go according to plan, which of course it will, I should be meeting up with Cats around 10 - 10.30 UK time

Nicci, Cats, I'll be seeing you on the other side *g*
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24 June 2009 @ 11:04 pm
cross your fingers...  
...boys and girls

I have the last dental treatment tomorrow at 10.30

If I'm lucky, I won't look like the elephant man when I head off on Friday morning @ 3.47 with the train

That said, my luck is a fickle creature *smirks*

I'm still sore from Monday's treatment -- I have a bruise that's nicely baby blue on the left side of my chin (partways up the cheek) but the pain's okay -- as long as I don't try to open my mouth too wide or smile too widely -- first one's only a problem when I eat (and if I had plans of giving anyone a bj -- which I don't XD)

So the filling of the root canal treatment is tomorrow -- that done -- I need to get the last few things done at work which means a whole hell of stress -- tho once I'm out from work tomorrow? I'm bloody well off for 3 weeks!

According to plan, I'm meeting up with [info]catspaw_sgjd at the airport -- and it seems, she has made plans *grins* -- I am SO looking forward to that. I even bought her a little gift that I hope she'll like ^_^

I am now going back to cleaning the kitchen, emptying the fridge and packing my bags XD

Oh, here's some gratuitous gun porn (I'm still bugged that they axed the show *pouts*)
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24 June 2009 @ 08:31 am
Ello everyone  
This is me stressing a bit about work, let's not go there -- and about leaving in the middle of the night tomorrow night *laughs*

I just thought I'd share with you -- I've always thought my first slash pairing was sentinel, as that's what [info]nora_charles shared with me, yay many years ago.

I just realized... um. I think my brain/subconscious was doing it way back when I was around the age of 10-12 as well. I watched the trailer for the new GI Joe movie - I used to watch the tv show, read the comics and... um...

*laughs hard*

I think my first slash pairing was Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow -- I recall the tension between them and how interested I was in their background stories, how they were connected and what caused said tension.

Also, I am hugely amused to watch the trailer at the official site and not only recognize the voice, but the face of Chris Eccleston XD

I'm going to enjoy this, however cheesy it may come out -- I was positively surprised by the first Transformers movie - I'm going to let myself be entertained muchly by the GI Joe movie as well

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22 June 2009 @ 09:35 pm
Oh ow feck  
I am in massive pain still from the root canal I had done today. They started it on Thursday but had to cut it after 30 mins -- there was some inflammation and it kept neutralizing the anaesthetization so it just didn't work. So they killed the nerve and I went back today.

I look like the elephant man *winces* - it's from the anaesthetization, and the swelling was a bit ridiculous LOL - I got sent home from work afterwards (my dentist is very close to work, so I just left my stuff at work and went there.) Good thing too, because when I came home and the drugs wore off? OMFGPAIN!!!

I go back on Thursday to get the final filling *sighs*

Nicci, I might look deform when I come over, will you still love me?

And, on a happier note, spreading the fanfun (as first done by [info]fluterbev:

words of meta visdom from fluterbev )
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18 June 2009 @ 03:12 pm
Oh, owie  
You know, last month I had a rootcanal treatment... it was done in two sittings. First one -- no problem! Second one -- ow ow ow OW.

Today they started treating the second rootcanal (and hopefully last forEVER) and let's just say that I now know what pain is - and to think they won't finish it until next week. Unless there's a cancellation sometime during the week, the last session will be Thursday 25th of June.

Guess who leaves on the train at 4 AM Friday morning to go to the airport?


I do, however, have a prescription for some mean painkillers...
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24 May 2009 @ 02:07 pm
Extended weekend recap  
Four day weekend and barely time to sit down and enjoy it XD

Thursday was a holiday and I went with work to join the "Eventyrløbet" for a 5 km 'run' *grins* -- hey, you can walk it too ^_~

Got a bit sunburned in the face, but feel better now. *rolls eyes*

Friday, as you might be able to tell from the post yesterday, I went to meet up with fellow fangirl [info]sorciere, who is every bit as cool in person as she is online ^_^. Much fun was had and much geek was talked.

Question is if we should be planning a meetup for Danish fans, just to have an excuse to sit around, watch fannish stuff and talk geek *grins*

Saturday I'd managed to forget I was attending an open air event with several concerts attached. Went out roughly around 1pm and came home around half twelve last night. Yes, I am knackered XD

So... Sunday... can I have another day to have off so I can feel a bit better? XD

Doesn't help that I start Monday morning out with a root canal treatment ...
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21 April 2009 @ 10:27 pm
Bloody spring. I don't care if others find spring a fantabulous time of the year, In my less than humble opinion, it stinks.

Pollen season is on top of us, birch pollen on the rise. Testament to this? My stuffed nose, my itchy and blood shot eyes... need more? I crash when I get home so nothing gets done. Not the dishes, not the translations (I'm hoping the weekend will allow me to stay indoor because the trip to and from work killz me ded).

Nor do I get anything written which annoys the crap out of me. Ah well, come mid-may and the birch pollen should be nearly done. It's also the merry month of masturbation, and I have several ideas for that, so hopefully there'll be some writing done there.


I iz this close to ask Nicci if she can send me some sudafed. They tend to bring me more relief than what I can get around here.

I think I might have brain enough to put a story or two more up at Archive of our Own. I feel useless at the moment, but at least I know it'll end fairly soon.

Also, I have a train ticket to and from Copenhagen on the 22nd of May. I might be able to meet up with [info]sorciere for a cup of java *g*
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12 April 2009 @ 10:57 am
cuz otherwise, I probably won't get half of it done XD

* watch Doctor Who from last night

* go to the supermarket and pick up the stuff I forgot for soup.

* Start soup

* finish it

* get a good look at the translations for the OTW/archive of our own -- get started

* watch primeval from last night

* do an entry on last night's DW

* do an entry on last night's Primeval

* *gasp* write

Don't you just love it when you have a day ahead of you with no obligations, so you can actually fill it all up with the stuff you've been putting off?
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10 April 2009 @ 12:29 am
I just...  
ordered this for Nicci. She knows and she approves XD -- I'd forgotten that Danish design -- it'll be fun flaunting it XD
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09 April 2009 @ 03:09 pm
...at least it's Easter meaning I don't have to be back at work till Tuesday.

That's about the only positive thing XD

I have a toothache -- drives me bonkers but the dentist can't take me in until Thursday -- it'll have to do.

What bugs me the most is I know I have to have work done on my teeth. I've been putting it off, so that's entirely my own fault. I know it'll be expensive and not to mention, painful. I've got a nerve or something at the edge of my jaw so when I have to keep my mouth open for a longer period of time, it starts twinging and then leaps straight to OMFG PAINFUL. Yeah, there's a blowjob joke in there somewhere XD

Anyways, I'm more worried about the money than the pain. Pain will be temporary, money will be hurting for quite a while *g* -- and on top of the money I know I'll need for the summer holidays. Oh well, I don't owe the bank money anymore, so there's a good chance I can borrow from them. Hopefully. Besides, the lady in the bank I used to fight with, she's no longer there. The rest of them seem easy enough to handle and not to mention, dental work is something you have to have done. And I'm currently employed so there's no problem in paying off a loan.

I've been cheering myself up during the morning, in between bike repairs, with re-reading good Merlin fic. I re-read [info]astolat's Crown of the Summer Court -- it never fails to make me laugh while simultaneously wanting to hit Arthur over the head with something big and heavy and painful. He's so eager to win, to prove himself, that he doesn't realize until very late in the game that if he wins, Merlin will be leaving Camelot and possibly, he'll be going wiith him. I love her Arthur and her Merlin's so lovely frantic, trying to keep up. And it's all done from Arthur's POV which only makes it all the better.

So yeah, if I fall of the 'net this weekend, don't worry. The low key pain's taking its toll making me crash several times a day.

And I should be wrestling with translations right about now. Ah well. We'll see after a nap if my brain's more up to it.
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04 March 2009 @ 12:04 am
Updates on...  
...well, everything and nothing LOL

I'm not going to post a 365 for last week. I hardly had the camera out -- I think I had a camera depression. Or possibly, I was just so bloody knackered most days that I couldn't figure out what to take pictures of. So, I might try to do some special stuff this weekend to make up for it. Depends on the weather.

Any other posts? Don't count on it. I'm so sleepy lately and I know why. Allergies. Yup, we're coming up on pollen season again *sighs* -- at least mine ends more or less with the birch season, so I have something to look forward to. Until then? It's itchy eyes and nose and urgh.

Just... urgh.

Someone write me some good Merlin? To cheer me up?
*looks at people in hope*

On another note, of all things? I've been re-reading Smallville fic the past few days. Damn, I'd forgotten for all the wank of that fandom, there were some pretty brilliant pieces out there.

*sneezes before falling comatose into bed*
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22 February 2009 @ 09:08 pm
Recap of the day  
Hello one and all.

Yes, I've done my 365 photo post.

And Nicci and I went and threw together a story made up by 10 drabbles -- taking turns doing one each.

The Beginning | Merlin | G

Oh, and [info]princess_arthur updated his girly pink diary the other night (he'll have my head for calling it that X3)

So, Sunday night and Eddie Izzard on the DVD player *sighs happily*

How was your weekend? And where the hell did it go?
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