10 December 2010 @ 09:21 pm
Hot damn it, peeps! About fecking time!

You know, not that I've got any bloody time to actually sit down and relax, even less spend time doing fannish stuff *pouts*

Anywho, let's get through the stuff that makes life fun *g*

HAPPY DAMNED BIRTHDAY, [profile] sunrayinn - here's to another year of fun and madness and for the coming year, we're definitely meeting up again, because I've had it up to here with implementing new IT and stress and I'm totes not doing something like that next year O.o

[personal profile] nicci_mac... ALMOST THERE! Make sure to remove ALL the snow and order good weather so I can get to Edinburgh via Heathrow, kay?

Speaking of the weather - we had sleet today - but at least it's warm enough to remove some of the compacted snow on the road - so even though it stank to bike home in the sleet, it also meant a more stable road to do so on.

Weekend update: I'm heading into the city middle tomorrow for a shopping trip with my sister, Sunday i'm dropping by [personal profile] nora_charles - keeper of my spare key - I need it for the workers coming in Monday to change some of the pipes in the kitchen and the bathroom - urgh, so no Monday Morning Littering (TM) - I'm a sloth beyond words on Monday morning - I leave shit all over the place because I'm barely concious *g*

NICCI! Not much longer and so far, I'm missing K's gift, half of Bex's and that's it - yours, N's and B's are all taken care of *g*

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06 December 2010 @ 09:03 pm
This that and the weekend  
It's awfully quiet here, now. It's been nice having people in the flat who didn't look weirdly at you for professing your love for Jayne (thank you Skuf, Casey gets my snickering love as well)

So, I've started compiling the list of vids we watched through the weekend and actually writing up the list (I'm sure we forgot to put one or two on it, but it'll still be damned long LOL)

So, thanks to you guys, Nora Charles, Skuf, Calvinahobbes, Oneiriad for spending the weekend here and to Exeterlinden and Kabal: You were greatly missed.

My cold, of course, still makes life hell, so I don't know for how much longer tonight I'm actually conscious.

So, while I sit and consider the list of vids, I have realized I may have a slightly strange obsession with the new music vid from Carpark North. Not sure why, but I dig it. (The vid - the song's been stuck in my brain on repeat for the past 3 weeks - so it goes without saying I'm enjoying the music itself quite a lot).

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20 November 2010 @ 10:24 am
Saturday morning update  
Yup, definitely feeling better. Gonna go for a run around noon and then get the laundry done this afternoon.

Right now, I'm sitting with a cup of java and reading fic. Badfic, or at least, yeah, not particularly exiting. I'm looking for a crack-tag on the story but there is none. I am slowly getting fed up with stupid!Kirk fics. Seriously, the Kirk I know, be it TOS or Reboot, has a brain. He is not some dumb blonde (sorry to my blonde peeps, but you know what I mean, the kinda blonde that gives the rest a bad name? Often not REALLY blonde, but really dumb?). I prefer a Kirk who really did go through command track in three years (it's canon for reboot that he did - the Kobayashi Maru is one of the last tests of the final year on command track). Okay, so I haven't found the fic again where Kirk runs crying through the Enterprise because Spock's playing chess with someone else and I need to. Because I have to inflict it on other people.

So need to write and keep in mind that Kirk has a brain. More fun, though. Last night I took the notepad with me into bed (old fashioned paper notepad LOL) and wrote a whole conversation between Spock and McCoy for the mutated trekfic I'm trying to work on and it came out much more satisfactorily than what I had previously. I was so frustrated with people writing the relationship between Bones and Spock as VERY hostile that in my need to not do so, I went overboard in the OTHER direction. Which is just as bad, but at least the scene I wrote down last night was far more to my liking and more balanced than what I had before.

Right, off to tidy the kitchen, then maybe write and then for a run. Yeah, that's a plan *g*

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19 November 2010 @ 10:07 pm
This and that and, yeah, have I been AWOL?  
Kinda, I guess. The past few weeks I've been dangling about with flu like symptoms, except, no fever or actual illness, just all the shitty sideeffects, dizzy, sleepy etc.

I think tonight's the first night in ages where I've felt remotely 'normal' . I've got a ton of stuff to get done - it's only what, two weeks before we're having another fannish gettogether at my place and I need to post to the comm to make sure everyone knows where to go, how etc and above all, I need to tidy up this pigsty.

I also possibly need to kill my downstairs neighbour, but that'll depend on a. their choice of music, combined with b. the volume of said music and c. when they shut it off. There's no way we're going easy on them when we're watching fanvids in two weeks LOL (seriously, it's not always this bad, but I do wonder how they can stand being in the flat themselves when you take into account the volume of the music *rolls eyes* so I'm watching a sketch show with the volume up high. Currently considering putting on Star Trek XI and blowing the volume over the speaker system... yeah, only thing not making it through will be the lense flares, even my audio system don't go that high ^_~

Huh, I caught the end of dancing with the stars tonight - what's with the hostess hair? Reminds me of Bride of Frankenstein.

Don't get me wrong, she's gorgeous, but the hair's kind of a turn-off LOL

Back to the sketch show in about ten minutes, so that's something.

Tally ho! I'm off to try and write a bit *g* Have a nice night, and Nicci? I'll catch you tomorrow night, I take it. ^_^

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12 November 2010 @ 10:53 pm
It lives!  
Hey guys, well... okay, I'm alive, more or less LOL

This week's been... yeah, I don't know. I've had flu like symptoms since earlier this week - kinda like I entered the week slightly askew/off kilter. Know what I mean? Probably, right? LOL

Came home from work today, and it was a hectic day so it didn't exactly help with the off kilter feeling either. Ate dinner, slept for about an hour and a half and am now online, feeling like I can't quite concentrate on anything.

Here's to hoping the weekend will be better. I've decided I have to tidy up my bedroom this weekend - looks like the 3rd world war took place in there. Have also pushed my run from today till tomorrow (depending on the weather, of course), so hopefully I'll feel better after a night's sleep. Also, am hoping I'll be able to sit down and write a bit tomorrow, because I want to, I really do.

At least it's Merlin, wine and skype with Nicci tomorrow night, that tends to take that damned itchy restless feeling off me. Well, one can hope *laughs*

I'm beginning to wonder if I should start doing a drabble a day... It might kick-start my muses. I think I'll stick to my current trek-fixation and Merlin. So if you comment here anyway, give me a color and an emotion. Humour me ^_~


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31 October 2010 @ 12:28 pm
How to spend a Sunday morning...  
in a less than productive way XD

1. Get up - realize you've had an hour more sleep than you expected because all you clocks are intelligent and set themselves an hour back *g*

2. Make coffee and breakies and sit down to watch the newest ep of Merlin (I sense an epic romance in the air, and it's not Arthur and Gwen XD)

3. Go onto The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear and spend hours watching footage, laughing so hard it hurts and figuring that Myth Busters is about the crackiest idea you could mix with a rally XD - also, I may have a bit of a crush on Jon Stewart *sniggers* as well as John Oliver's Brit accent (but there's nothing new there XD - only Welsh and Scottish accents have a more extreme effect on me *g*)

cut for spoilers on Merlin )

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26 October 2010 @ 10:35 pm
Weekend update, running update and would someone take my brain and straighten it out a bit?  
Hello peeps.


sorry. *grins sheepishly*

general update )

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25 October 2010 @ 07:52 am
Good Monday Morning News  
Well, bad news is, it's Monday, the weekend's a bit far away :(

Good news, Merlin's on for a 4th series

*sighs happily*

Weekend went wall, that's all I have time to share at the moment XD - More about it unless I'm unconscious upon returning from work (it's a possibility, I'm knackered and it's Monday - never a good combo). At least our IT meeting isn't until tomorrow. It's possible it would have killed me ded if it'd been today.

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18 October 2010 @ 10:45 pm
Erm... *lifts pillow, looks under chair*

Where the heck did my weekend go? (if you see it, tackle it to the ground, tie it up and tell me where to collect it XD)

I helped my sister move this weekend and went running yesterday. So far it's going fairly well, I'd say, but we'll see how it goes for the rest of the week.

Friday Nora Charles and I are heading off to Copenhagen to meet up with Skuf, and yeah, we'll just get the bus to your place - I take it the ticket you mentioned is the same kind I got last time?

Tickets taken care of, cards with barcodes for the run on Saturday (don't ask LOL) - have also remembered to ask my co-worker if she can bring back the sleepingbag she borrowed off me.

Now I just have to survivie Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday... *bangs gead on desk*

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15 October 2010 @ 09:09 pm
Friday night update  
It's here! It's Friday!

*zonks out*

Work's still a bit crazy because of this and that, and I've managed to fill my weekend up with stuff, but at least it's not work, right? Right.

I brought home the easel I bought through work ages ago today. One of my co-workers drove it and me home with it. However, that meant leaving my bike at work and I'll need it tormorrow for getting to the train station tomorrow, so I'd really prefer to have it at home. I also had planned to go for a run, so when I got home, I changed my clothes, and ran from home to work. Took 25 mins (which, SURPRISE) was the timing I was to hit according to the C25K running program - and yeah, I managed 25 mins of running without even breathing hard! My legs were killing me, but my respiration is brilliant. I'd like to point out I have stress related asthma which can be kept down quite well if you exercise. And where, when I began the program, my respiration was staggering after one or two minutes of running, it is now as good as it's ever been. \0/

It means that when I'm done with the running program and it's got me up on 30 mins running without walking I can start working on my speed *g*

So, yeah, tomorrow, I've agreed to help my sister move. She and her husband through 24 years split a couple of months ago and she bought a house in the same town (they split on amiable terms) and the house is close to where the youngest of their boys has most of his friends (and very close to the school both boys go to). I hope to be home in the evening, but it'll depend how the moving goes. Sunday is about half as hellish, but pretty packed with stuff to do as well *sighs*

I iz looking forward to the get together in Copenhagen on Friday-Sunday, no doubt about it. As well as the one we're doing at my place first weekend of December (and I'd like to remind people, everyone's welcome, just let me know if you're coming and if you're staying the night(s))

Right, that's me off to get some much needed relaxation. I'm still working on the mutated trekfic - it's now past 5,000 words and it's barely halfway and it'll need a boatload of fleshing out *g*

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12 October 2010 @ 10:57 pm
What planet this be?

*rubs face and dislodges specs*

It's very likely that I've slept since I got home from work at around 6 (it's now almost 11). I sure feel groggy enough for that.

We were offered free massage today at work - work paying for it. So I had half an hour and felt great, though from around mid afternoon, I slowed down more and more, feeling reaaaaaally sleepy and when I came home I decided to postpone my running till tomorrow. Sat down and went "ooh, lookie, pillow" *SLAM*

nearly five hours later, yeah, what planet indeed XD

I owe people communication like WHOA, but I'm just going to pop a painkiller to deal with my shoulder (good heavens, she loosened up a lot of shite and if I don't I won't get any sleep) and dive back into bed.

Question: is it weekend yet?

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10 October 2010 @ 08:10 pm
The weekend - in hindsight aka - where'd it go?!  
Why is it we're back at work tomorrow morning aleady? :( - I could've totally done with another day off *pouts*

Friday was alright. Work was busy, I was busy, came home, went running (week 5 is sadistic in the C25K programme, but that's 5 over and done with and week 6 started today, Sunday). Did laundry after the run, sat down, fell asleep XD - yeah, sounds about right LOL

Saturday was nice. Wanted to go up the town to see if I could pick up a new camera bag that would fit the monstrosity of my camera. Came home with bag AND 18-200mm lens... don't... don't say anything, kay? It's just, the price was half that what I could've normally gotten it for and it means I can sell the two lenses I have (which are 18-55 and 55-200mm). I've already sold the smaller one on qxl, around 24 hours after putting it up *g*. I had planned to head into the city and on the way, D called and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her. Hive mind mentally, guys, that's all I have to say about that LOL

Merlin was a pleasant surprise - I enjoyed it - as I have all the eps of S3 so far - I'm also laughing a certain body part off at people who were sooooo surprised at the biiiiig reveal in last night's episode. Come one, you guys are watching S3 by now and you still don't know anything about Arthurian myth? Wow.

Had a good chat with Nicci on skype last night as well, where she got to unload some of the stress and tension of work and I got me some good gossip. Hey, I am interested in what goes on - if nothing else, her stories tend to make me weep for mankind. Or at least they tell me that people in Denmark do not have a patent on being idiots *g*

Because I'd crashed early in the evening and had a two hour nap, I didn't manage to get to bed at a normal hour. Oh no, I had to sit and read a fic until roughly 3AM before I managed to force myself to bed XD

Sunday? Erm. Yeah. Slept until 10, went running in the afternoon, been reading and hemming up my new comfy home-trousers (the old ones were in pieces and at roughly 3 quid, I figured it was time to buy a new pair LOL)

So, that's where I'm at now. Sitting in front of the TV, considering what to do from now until there's Die Hard 4 on TV. Read, write, I dunno - I'm just sad to know that the weekend's at its end.

How's yours been?


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25 September 2010 @ 05:14 pm
sign that you're reading too much fanfic and your brain's turned to mush:  
I just sat through a fic where Kirk broke down in tears because Spock played chess with another crewmember and in HIS head it was how he and Spock courted each other...

He cried so hard it could be heard through a locked door.


Right, time to do something productive instead *laughs*

I'm sorry, I can't, right now, think of any character that would BEHAVE like that, in any of my fandoms (nevermind how many (mental age:)Teenagers write Ianto Jones or Daniel Jackson that way). I prefer my Kirk a little more, I'd say mentally stable, but let's say, emotionally stable. Mentally stable is not necessarily something I'd call Kirk (I kinda prefer RebootKirk that way XD) - I'm very well aware that characteristics are in the eye of the beholder, but come on! Kirk's captain of the Enterprise!

Right, so I finally started running the C25K last weekend again, after a month of not doing so (work was too hard physically to allow for running when I was home) and I could, no problem, step right into week 3 - of course, on Sunday I woke up with fever and head full of snot - that put a stop to running AGAIN. So I went out this morning and decided that taking week 3 again might be the best way to start. To my surprise it went really well! *iz pleazed*

And... yeah, still writing, hopefully a bit more tonight. I'm still not a 100% sure on the plot, but as I make notes for more and more scenes, it's getting there. Far from finished, though, but I'm enjoying myself, writing Star Trek fic and doing it, not for a challenge or anyone else, but myself ^_^

Tonight's booze, Merlin and skype, if Nicci's up for it *g*

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22 August 2010 @ 08:47 pm
Kink-bingo, flower festival and all the stuff in between  
The following entry will contain:

1. Non-hangover day (unlike Nicci, it seems)
2. Kink-Bingo update (where am I? What the hell am I doing?)
3. Flower festival in Odense

What is a good tune like Neutron Star Collision doing on a Twilight soundtrack? *makes face and waits patiently for Muse to make a new brilliant album instead and imagines the tune is a Star Trek reboot K/S vid*

AD 1
I had a good few drinks last night while babbling at Nicci on Skype (I so need a new headset *sighs*), yet nothing this morning. I got out of bed, drank a glass of water, headed out for my run (I'm trying to do the C25K thing, am currently on track with the 2nd week done). So I'm feeling good, I've got a bit written today, which brings me to:

AD 2
I'm no longer stressing myself with aiming for a black-out of my kink-bingo plate, but it'll be pretty close, methinks. There are some of the kinks that I'll probably give up on beforehand because, as much as I get that it's some people's kinks, I can not for the love of all that's good in the world get into the mood for it - and without me being in the mood, no writing (yes, I actually have to either find it kinky and sexy myself or be able to see the character being into it in order to write it well). *sighs* I'd rather not write some of them, than all of them and through that stressing myself and writing some pretty sucktastic crap *grins* - I'm not saying all that I've done so far is brilliant and I've got a good load to edit now, but I've learned a thing or two and found that kinks that never appealed to me before, now do if I connect them with specific characters and settings - so yeah, even if I don't get through all my prompts, I've still enjoyed writing what I have so far. I could have started the challenge earlier, but I had 3 lovely weeks in the UK with Nicci and the family so I'm not too crushed about it ^_~

(As for posting, I'll probably edit tonight and tomorrow and then start posting sometime along the line)

AD 3
Every year Odense has a flower festival, with some pretty neat setups in the city middle, but since it's normally close to term start, I keep remembering when the flowers are being removed Sunday - so I never get around to taking any photos :( - This year, however, I dragged [info]nora_charles with me on Friday, late in the afternoon and we walked and walked around (remind me to never do this again when it's that time of the month - I felt like I could do with a new hip, leg, feet and lower back by the time I got home *sighs deeply*) - I was okay on Saturday as I crashed Friday night, popped two painkillers and slept like the dead. Saturday morning? Felt a lot better.

And that's me off track again XD - sorry, guys - it's one of those days. I took a handful of pictures of the flowers and settings - the theme this year was China.

Flower Festival 2010 Odense
This dragon's head was brilliant - the body was very long and was created as arches - so that it looked as if the body was snaking up from the ground and back into it, from one corner of the area to the other - there were two of these.

cut for a boat load of photos )
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20 August 2010 @ 07:28 pm
Holy fuck, Batman! It's Friday!  
*sits back and pops open a can of cider giving the rest of the world the evil eye*

Two days of no one expecting me to be helpful

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09 August 2010 @ 11:49 pm
A little of everything  
So yeah, term start is looming and it's already ridiculously busy. The Uni has never taken in as many new students and there are more than a few new courses as well.

So, that means more books in the same amount of space in the store, right? Right.


Anywho, let's not worry too much about that, because quite frankly, I'll get stressed before the term starts for real (september 1st)

I'm thinking about poking the meetup community and asking if anyone's up for another gathering this autumn (not in September, though, I'm not suicidal!).

Oh, and [personal profile] skuf asked me the last time I saw her, if Windows 7 works eith multiple desktops, like linux does. Answer: Not as part of windows, no, but I decided to give it a shot and installed Dexpot, which is software that enables you to work with X number of desktops - and I love the fact that you can set short cuts, so I can switch between desktops with ALT+ the number of the desktop I want. I get why she likes it, it does keep your desktop from being full of open windows and enables you to group stuff together. It just depends on which ones you choose to open in which desktop. Might sound weird to some, but I'm growing fonder of it by the minute.

Kink-bingo... well, I don't know if I'll manage a black-out for the end of August, but I'm quite enjoying writing it and I've decided not to force myself to write and it does seem to work fairly well. So far I've got 10 out of 25 stories done, not all posted yet, as I tend to leave them for a couple of days before editing them again. But yeah, I wrote reboot mirror fic the other night O.o - it was surprisinglly easy *eg*

So, how's your Monday been? XD
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05 August 2010 @ 01:05 am
Posting for the sake of... well, posting? *laughs*  
Nah, just heading off to bed in a moment - I'm getting into this really bad habit of going to bed at 1AM on work nights *sighs*

Ah well, it will even out when term start hits fully - it will mean getting up in the morning - going to work - coming home - eating - sleeping - rinse and repeat *g*

I've got a trekfic for the kink-bingo to edit in the morning and posting. I'm not sure I'll make the full plate for the 31st, but I'm trying - and I've got a few planned that are most definitely a bit out of the ordinary for me to write, especially pairing wise *g*

Well, I'm off - I finished the draft for tonight's story a bit late because I got sidetracked by image surfing on google.

I may also have to admit to myself that I have a thing for Bruce Greenwood after having watched him as Pike in reboot XD

(No damn it! I'm not going to write Pike-fic - shut up!)
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23 June 2010 @ 11:53 pm
A bit of a ...yeah, not quite shite day, but nearly there  
Not that work was all that bad - I mean, yeah, I definitely need those three weeks WAY away from work because I don't feel like the time I have at home actually rejuvinates me as it should - the second I get back to work, I'm obviously trying to kill myself.

Anywho, this week's been going like this: Come home from work, eat, crash, wake up feeling drained, go to bed, get up, go to work... yeah, you get the idea. Today I took part in a meeting about the new IT system we'll be having - well, the sales section of it, so new cash registers (yay!) but it's half a day gone on not getting ready for the hols *sighs*

I think part of my problem at the moment is tension headache due to my neck and my ankle's not doing all that well either - I've obvsiouly done something to it that's made me walk wrong thus the muscle of my calf is stiff and sore. I totally do not need this now. However, I thought I could un-stiffen it by going for a walk - not my brightest moment, because now it's REALLY sore.

Well, right, [info]nora_charles, I'll call you back when I'm less fuzzy brained. Right now I think the night calls for a couple of pain killers and my bed.

I did take some photos when I was out walking, and figured I'd share them. I found a small botanical garden not too far from where I live. I swear, this place keeps coughing up new areas I had no idea existed.

cut for massive amount of pictures )
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22 June 2010 @ 11:42 pm
know how...  
...you can run into a friend you haven't seen in decades and still just go, yeah, hi, how are you and actually click? Heh, had that happen yesterday. A girl I used to hang out with back at public school from our fifth year till our eighth or ninth year came into the store yesterday and since it's a bit slow customer-wise at the moment, we had a wee talk. (it's not slow IT wise and I still have a shit load of work to do before I go off for the hols, but let's not think about that right now, because it makes me stress).

So, yeah, anyway, we had fun talking about old times and it was funny how you just remember odd stuff like, she asked, "We used to read a series about taming dragons. You wouldn't happen to remember which that was?" Oh yeah, 7th/8th year? That has to have been McCaffrey's Pern series - so apart from kick-starting her memory, I also told her to read the Temeraire series because that is tons better *g*

So yeah, a blast from the past *grins*
I have many good memories of those years - we were a bunch of raunchy kids, but we had fun together, all of us and of all of us, I recall her really chsaing what she wanted. She was a shooter and I remember she ended up taking part in the 2004 olympics, which is ... yeah, cool *g*

Now I get to wondering what our old friends have done over the years and although I parted ways with a lot of them around mid/late nineties, I still miss more than a few of them, although I've been lucky enough to come across a few of them over the years.
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14 June 2010 @ 08:14 pm
2 things tonight! Whoa XD  
I still need a beta reader for a hot fuzz, Nick/Danny gun-kink story. This needs to happen because I'm allready knee deep in a crossdressing Kirk story as well XD

I'm currently considering detouring to Copenhagen around 5ish tomorrow afternoon. I'm in Roskilde anyway, only another 20-30 mins to Copenhagen and after a day of meetings I feel like it's too early to head back home after 4 XD - this could be atributed to two things: 1: I miss having coffee with people here and there, all over the country (yes, that means I wouldn't mind teaming up with one or more of you guys over there for a few hours if you have the time) and 2: for the past few weeks, I've been coming home from work, sitting down and then crashing magnificently.
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