13 December 2012 @ 08:17 am
Barely a week *grins*  
Yeah, barely a week till I'm heading off for the holidays. Going to be great heading to Copenhagen a few days ahead of schedule in order to catch 'Shame' at a smaller cinema there (and who knows, maybe the Hobbit before I head off on Sunday night as well).

And after that, it's me off to the Scottish Wilderness *grins*

I think I've got all my xmas gifts done, as well as cards, so I feel just about ready to go *g*. I'll be on my listmaking spree this weekend to make sure there's nothing missing. Cables, chargers etc. There's a lot to make sure I have along!

The Indiana Jones/XMFC fusion has been edited to death, and I've handed it over to [profile] oonaseckar and am now waiting to see their verdict *grins*. It feels good to get it off my harddrive for now. If I hadn't, it would have gone the way of many an unfinished story: the digital drawer of death (DDoD? LOL)

So, I should have my time planned out for the next week and a half. Sunday the secret mutant goes live, in January it's the Xmen Big Bang *smiles happily*

*feeling the holiday jitters*

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09 December 2012 @ 11:06 pm
*looks around*  
Aye, been gone from here for a while, haven't I? I guess that'll be my pre-New Year's resolution then. Xmas resolution, maybe? *laughs*

I guess most of the year has just been... preventing me from using LJ and DW as much as I used to. That, and tumblr tends to eat a lot of time. Not posting, just... surfing *laughs*

So, how have you peeps been? Up to any good? Or bad? Change of fandoms?

I have to disappoint some of you, I'm still neck deep in the Xmen First Class fandom, happily working my way through writing this and that. I don't think I've had that many ideas for stories for ages. I mean, Star Trek did me good, but I never got into it the way I've gotten into the XMFC fandom. It's fun, so far *grins*

Much to my surprise, I've found that it's also the fandom to prove me wrong. I used to maybe write an AU once in a blue moon, and apart from that, stick mostly to canon one way or another. Merlin had me doing a few modern day set AUs, but I don't think I've ever been this beset by plot bunnies in a fandom that demand to be written as anything BUT canon. I mean, I love Marvel, I love the story lines and the universe(s) they've created. But maybe that's it? The fact that Marvel has everything from historical AUs to zombit AUs to baby stories that just... allows the imagination less limits.

As it is, I'll be spending my xmas on reading the secret mutant story I'll be getting on the 16th, finishing up my big bang (note to self: write your artist to check they're alive and the story hasn't killed them). Not to mention, I'm editing the one I wrote for the nano, which is a fusion between XMFC and Indiana Jones/romancing the stone type movies - so action/adventure.

Of course, I can't post a 52K story without having it beta read, so I'll be out hunting for one of those as well.

I get the feeling it's going to need more work than I can see right now and a pair of fresh eyes would definitely be helpful. I'd also like to know how the hell Tony shoehorned himself into the story. He was supposed to have a minor mention in it - not be part of roughly 25-30% of the story.

And of course I'm heading off for the land of the Scots this year as well. I'm actually leaving home earlier than expected. I'm flying out on the 23rd, but a couple of friends and I are going to go watch Shame in one of the smaller cinemas in Copenhagen on the 21st, so that's me off a couple of days early *grins*

I'm sure we'll have a grand time, even if I'm sure Shame is a hard movie to watch.

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