07 April 2011 @ 11:28 pm
*hums the Empire Strikes Back*  
*points at subject line and squints in the general direction of LJ*

Anyone need/want a DW code? Can't say I didn't see that coming *rolls eyes* - when places/communities etc reach a certain size, they just don't work so well, do they? No, no, I'll still crosspost here, but seriously? LJ, stop fucking around with everyone.

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02 September 2010 @ 11:23 pm
life and LJ in general  
Hey guys,

I'm still alive... more or less*g*

Thakfully it's friday tomorrow, and even though I have 2 hours of work on Saturday, I can see and end to this madness by now. We ordered pizzas after work today and at ourselves stupid before heading off home. It was brilliant and fun, but damn, I'm feeling like I'm about to keel over any minute now :(


Well, figures that the moment I waste time on a new layout *points at TOS layout*, LJ goes and makes an arse of itself. Jeez, make it an opt-out or even more people will turn their backs on LJ.

That said, guys, if any of you need DW codes, I still have - I'm still here, still posting to LJ, but I'm getting really sick and tired of LJ pulling some shit every third month or so that pisses its users off. No, I won't repost the comments I make to FB, wouldn't dream of it.

I of course expect the same good behaviour from you all - but that's a given and I doubt anyone on my list would be insensitive enough to crosspost their comments on my entries to their FB accounts. Not because I make a secret of who I am and what I do for fun, but because it's a gross violation of privacy (LJ, WTFBBQ were you thinking!?)

For anyone interested, and it doesn't COMPLETELY solve the problem, if people have set their crossposting to twitter and FB on automatic, but at least it's something! and fairly simple to do, as it removes the buttons from your reply page.

PS, has anyone noticed the comments on the news post on LJ news? If LJ considers this a good idea now, I have to admit they were stupider than I thought they were...

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