15 April 2009 @ 12:31 am
And happiness day 6 etc  
Not much to be happy about today, as it was the start of the work week XD

Nuh. Um. Happy about... it's getting closer to the weekend? Um. I have a mug of cranberry tea?

See, not much to get up about today, I guess. Weather was good, though, so that's something. And I turned my bike in for repairs, so yeah, good too.

About DW. I dunno. I've been giving it a lot of thought. And I've gotten my interest down to a few reasons.

1. It's a new, it's new it's NEW XD -- okay, I held off twitter and facebook for quite a while, but ended up joining anyway.

2. One major thing I've heard about it. You seem to be able to move not just your journal entries (as you can do with IJ, IS, JF etc) but also comments? See, that would be numero uno reason for being a great journal to have running alongside my LJ.

Am I leaving LJ? Not unless they pull something like Strikethrough 2007 again, or throw in my face that I'm not allowed to post fanfic. And even then I'd probably end up archiving my stuff at the archive of our own and my website and announcing. The network I'm part of on LJ is too big to just discard for the sake of a new, hip and hot thing.

So, yeah, pros and cons and of course my usual interest in 'gadgets' be it physical gadgets or online ones.

Do i want one? Yeah, even though I know you can use openID and there's always tracking via RSS (over which I lose control so very fast) it'd be easier to become part of that network and keep track by having one. And besides, it'd be used for crossposting until the day either everyone leaves LJ or I get kicked off LJ *g*

Right, last happiness of the day? I'm going to climb under the covers and read a few pages of Watchmen.
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13 April 2009 @ 08:34 pm
Happiness Day 5...  
... is having nothing specific planned *g*, Men with Brooms on the DVD player and mug of good coffee and translations open for working on when the urge is there every ten minutes *g*

So... anyone up for skyping? I'm 'ximeria' there too. Great, big surprise, that XD
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12 April 2009 @ 10:19 pm
Happiness day 4 is...  
... beginning your morning with Doctor Who, getting through your to-do list and watching Primeval.

Oh, and before I forget it:

Fandom, peeps, I love you

no, no specific reason, I'm just in a good mood tonight *g*
You bring me laughter, tears and hugs. You share your fun, your shows and your generousness. Thank you.
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11 April 2009 @ 10:46 pm
Happiness is...  
day 3

Happiness is, having DW downloading, Nicci on Skype, a bottle of Asti and no much else to do but enjoy the evening.

Add to that, that the kitchen is nearly shining and I hoovered. I feel so bloody accomplished.

See, if that isn't supposed to make me happy, I have no idea what should. Also, there's a new episode of Primeval at some point *grins*
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10 April 2009 @ 12:01 am
there's a few things making my day suck, I figured this would be a good idea.

1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for eight days.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

Post number 1:

1. I've fixed the bike today, and I have freshly brewed coffee *grins*

regarding numero 3 -- knock yourselves out ^_^
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