18 May 2013 @ 12:36 pm
Star Trek Into Darkness  
Mind you, I watched it back on the 9th, with Nicci before heading back to Denmark. It doesn't open here till the 6th of June (pre-premiere on the 3rd and oh hell yeah, I'm going again LOL).

I'm not going to throw myself into spoiler territory here, but it's all just... musings on reviews and whining I've come across. And when I say whining, I mean it. Seriously, I enjoyed the hell out of the movie - and I'm not afraid to say that I am shallow when it comes to action movies - I like chases and explosions etc. But it's still a really enjoyable movie.

The following are MY musings. If you don't agree, feel free to comment, but don't throw a fit, don't act like a 5 year old who isn't being allowed ice cream etc. For I will boot your arse off this entry if you can't be civil to me or to others. That's the disclaimer - read at your own risk *snorts*

Also, please don't link this from any meta related posts. Not that I mind a debate, but there's always one or two bat-shit crazy people who come along and piss on the parade. Don't. Seriously.

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