02 November 2013 @ 06:03 pm
Nano month  
So yeah, of course I'm doing this again this year. Allowed myself a wee head start as I knew I wasn't going to have time writing on the 1st (work, then dinner and then Thor 2 FTW) - and coming home around midnight... no. So I've had a bit of time to write today though and along with the head start I'm on track. As last year I'm going to do fanfic instead of original - if the plot is enough to fill out 50K words, of course - if not there's enough for me to make at least one if not two appendixes of 'historical' material, as it's an XMFC AU and I've already got a ton of GDOCS full of notes on what's actually gone before the story itself. I may only use a small part of it, but thought's gone into making it! *laughs*

So this morning was spent with brunch and introducing D to Sleepy Hollow - which she thankfully liked *phew* - always hard introducing people to something you like and hoping they'll like it too. (I think most of you have already been there XD - probably, like me, more than once, too.)

So, Genoshan set AU, Charles/Erik of course - and what started as a plotted romance story, has become (with more and more notes) political intrigue, assassination attempts, me digging through some of Marvel's WIKI and reminiscing over old villains and heroes that I may or may not revive for the story *g* - I'm not sure I've ever started a story off with so many notes XD

What about you guys? Doing the nano? Should we have an IRC chat to cheer each other on? Is one already up and running?

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