19 April 2009 @ 02:08 am
My brain's bleeding...  
Seriously, [info]nora_charles and I were doing translations for the OTW tonight and managed to finish a few of the documents entirely. It turns out it's a lot easier to do when we sit next to each other and brain storm together. Seriously, some of the stuff has NO terms for them in Danish, sorry, Danelandish. And some terms have 3+ translations -- not one of them fitting the context XD

Apart from that, it's been an educational evening -- as NC put it, a crash course in translating. Above all? It was fun too *g*

So yeah, we had Indian (lamb korma, chicken pakora and veggie pakora) for dinner, a cider, a couple of beers (shared and spaced out over the evening, for crying out loud, we had translations to do)

I iz now very dead from the translating but we made good headway into it and above all, made a word list for translating specific terms.

It's not easy when everything is so formally written when your own language doesn't DO formal all that much XD
Current Mood: cheerful