02 October 2010 @ 08:09 pm
And... because I did go out with the camera today...  
I have a combination of shots taken last night of my shelf of actionfigures (thank you to KirkPrime and SpockPrime for their help). I have to admit I'm still getting used to the camera (shut up, I picked it up yesterday XD) and so far I've only taken the 18-55 lens out for a spin. The 55-200 one is still to come out for a bit of fun. However, I figured I'd share some of the stuff I put up at flickr earlier tonight.



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01 October 2010 @ 08:50 pm
is it really so wrong...  
to perv over this? *nerdgasms*

my new baby!


There's an extra lensĀ½ of 55-200mm - now I just need a macro lens XD

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22 August 2010 @ 08:47 pm
Kink-bingo, flower festival and all the stuff in between  
The following entry will contain:

1. Non-hangover day (unlike Nicci, it seems)
2. Kink-Bingo update (where am I? What the hell am I doing?)
3. Flower festival in Odense

What is a good tune like Neutron Star Collision doing on a Twilight soundtrack? *makes face and waits patiently for Muse to make a new brilliant album instead and imagines the tune is a Star Trek reboot K/S vid*

AD 1
I had a good few drinks last night while babbling at Nicci on Skype (I so need a new headset *sighs*), yet nothing this morning. I got out of bed, drank a glass of water, headed out for my run (I'm trying to do the C25K thing, am currently on track with the 2nd week done). So I'm feeling good, I've got a bit written today, which brings me to:

AD 2
I'm no longer stressing myself with aiming for a black-out of my kink-bingo plate, but it'll be pretty close, methinks. There are some of the kinks that I'll probably give up on beforehand because, as much as I get that it's some people's kinks, I can not for the love of all that's good in the world get into the mood for it - and without me being in the mood, no writing (yes, I actually have to either find it kinky and sexy myself or be able to see the character being into it in order to write it well). *sighs* I'd rather not write some of them, than all of them and through that stressing myself and writing some pretty sucktastic crap *grins* - I'm not saying all that I've done so far is brilliant and I've got a good load to edit now, but I've learned a thing or two and found that kinks that never appealed to me before, now do if I connect them with specific characters and settings - so yeah, even if I don't get through all my prompts, I've still enjoyed writing what I have so far. I could have started the challenge earlier, but I had 3 lovely weeks in the UK with Nicci and the family so I'm not too crushed about it ^_~

(As for posting, I'll probably edit tonight and tomorrow and then start posting sometime along the line)

AD 3
Every year Odense has a flower festival, with some pretty neat setups in the city middle, but since it's normally close to term start, I keep remembering when the flowers are being removed Sunday - so I never get around to taking any photos :( - This year, however, I dragged [info]nora_charles with me on Friday, late in the afternoon and we walked and walked around (remind me to never do this again when it's that time of the month - I felt like I could do with a new hip, leg, feet and lower back by the time I got home *sighs deeply*) - I was okay on Saturday as I crashed Friday night, popped two painkillers and slept like the dead. Saturday morning? Felt a lot better.

And that's me off track again XD - sorry, guys - it's one of those days. I took a handful of pictures of the flowers and settings - the theme this year was China.

Flower Festival 2010 Odense
This dragon's head was brilliant - the body was very long and was created as arches - so that it looked as if the body was snaking up from the ground and back into it, from one corner of the area to the other - there were two of these.

cut for a boat load of photos )
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