09 May 2009 @ 06:13 pm
I bring photos  
So, I've been busy today, making sure that the work website was updated and decided I'd finally get around to updating my own website with a few strays that had managed to get away from me.

Turned out to be a few Torchwood vignettes as well as a very old DS piece done for the first porn battle. In 2006. You know, better late than never XD

If you want to check out what had escaped me the first time around, as well as check out the new Merlinvid I did the other night. You can do so here

Apart from that, I have a new sexy lodger.

My new best mate
Exactly. Sleek and sexy and capable of making the best noises and bringing about the most enticing scent ever.

photos of the walk down to the city middle )
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