14 May 2009 @ 11:45 pm
Photos from Roskilde  

Today I had a meeting in Roskilde. We had some time to kill, so we went for a whirlwind run around the Cathedral. I would have liked more time, but they were closing at 5 *pouts*

I do however bring a history lesson about the Cathedral along with photos. A selection of those I took today at the Cathedral.

At least two churches have preceded the present cathedral on the very same site. The first one was a wooden church erected by Harald Blåtand (king appx year 940-986). During the 11th century it was replaced by one or perhaps two consecutive churches made of travertine. Around 1080, however, the church was a three-aisled basilica built by bishop Svend Nordmand.

In the 1170s bishop Absalon began the erection of the brick church as a Romanesque chruch with long and wide transepts. The construction was changed by Peder Suneson (bishop 1191-1214), who was inspired by Gothic cathedral construction in France. The actual church was finished appx 1280, but since then each century has added its own extensions in various styles.

Since the Reformation all Danish kings, and almost all queens, have been buried in Roskilde Cathedral. There are however a few medieval royal tombs. Among others Queen Margrethe I (queen from 1375-1412)

With that in mind, have some photos )
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