01 April 2009 @ 04:32 pm
I love this...  
It's Humour against AIDS. Money's been collected by celebs promising to do sellouts selected by the listeners.

Among the things, for the past 3 days, that have been gigs to get people to donate? This year we outdo the ideas of last year.

Get a whole country to sellout itself: Sweden. I love you guys, and I adore your ambassador here in Denmark.

Swedish sellout!

Better beer, food and women.

There were hardly any limits as to the praise when Sweden's ambassador in Denmark, Lars Grundberg, sold out.

For the sum of 10.000 Danish kroner, he spent around 3½ minutes emphasising why Denmark is so much better than Sweden.

to my dear Swedish peeps, we owe you one, as does the fight against AIDS *thumbs*
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