12 March 2010 @ 08:43 am
Obiwan-flish, please help  
I've got a friend who's working on her dis, and she's hunting for articles and such and considering the combined brain capacity of my flist, I figured one or three of you there might be able to come up with some links or suggestions for books even, if anything's been published.

her question goes as follows:

Can you think of any names of academic fans or mainstrem academics or possibly slash fans, who have formulated theories about homoerotic profic (professionally published novels) in the science fiction and fantaasy genres (speculative fiction). Any names/links/articles come to mind?

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17 October 2009 @ 04:56 pm
I'm working on my pitch for Kink Bingo slash anthology. Original fiction. And I need someone to have a read through of it to tell me if it makes sense on its own. I've had an urge for a while to revive one of my nanostories - or rather the characters and the world it takes place in. Only problem is, I need it to be readable without having read the original series - and I know I shared Convergence with a few of you back then, so I need someone who hasn't read Convergence to read it.

It'll be beta'ed afterwards, but first I just need to know if it works on its own. As its kink, it's sex and m/m - also, it's um... interspecies, the main kink probably being tail-sex XD - so be warned, you know.

But comment if you have the time to give it a once over and tell me if it works on its own without being part of the original series.

It'll be roughly 2-3.000 words.

In other news, I'm doing a complete re-write of Convergence instead of doing a new story for the nanowrimo this year *grins* - editing just isn't enough. And eh... if it comes out okay, I might end up trying to have it published, somewhere, somehow XD