04 July 2010 @ 04:11 pm
Scottish Delights July 3rd, 2010  
Friday went very well all though the flight was a bit turbulent right before the landing. We were a bit delayed and combined with the fact that Nicci got out of work earlier than expected (thanks bossman!) I didn't have to wait all that long for her to arrive. Let's not mention the fact that her aim was off and she went into parking instead of pick-up/drop-off point... erm, yeah, she spotted me and off we were, leaving the airport behind.

The evening was pretty low key - went up with Nicci and her hubby to the pub for a beer, she and I went back home, did half the dishes and yeah, crashed XD

Saturday, now that's a differnt ball game/kettle of fish.

Killin - Falls of Dochart

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02 July 2010 @ 10:50 am
At the airport  
This is my usual post from the airport. I'm boarding in a bit less than an hour, bound for Edinburgh.

I rolled out of bed this morning around 4AM - as my brain is as always, scared that I might oversleep *g* - got on the train at 7:45 (Can't remember when the last time was I managed to fly out where I didn't have to leave for the airport before 6AM XD

So, I'll be seeing all of you on the other side ^_^ - now? I'm heading to the nearest place that serves coffee so I can inflect the torture of a full bladder before a flight *rolls eyes*

Skuf, were you still up for meeting on the 23rd and maybe harbouring me the night over? I'll dig out the time later tonight , though I think I'm back in Copenhagen around 3 or4 PM. or will the next meetup have drained you (of which I'm NOT at all envious *pouts* - or god for bid it, you have a life as well XD). I'll send you a PM laterish - thankfully Scotland has broadband wifi as well *grins at Nicci*

Kabal42, I hope you're enjoying your time in the UK as well and managing to see a few interesting things *g*

Cheers, peeps - I'll be seeing you on the other side ^_^

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