23 December 2008 @ 10:41 pm
Although it's not the turn of the year yet...  
I think I'll sit down and write a few things down.

It's been a good year, in most regards. Better than some of the years that's gone before. Most of all my online life has taken a bit of an easier road, with me not insanely trying to keep up with everything. Yet, I've been blessed with new fandoms and new friends.

So, I'm sitting here, had every intention of a glass of wine, ended up with a can of beer *grins* -- I'm feeling completely conked out, but I'm ready for Christmas Eve -- Danish tradition, we open the gifts on the night of the 24th. This year I'm spending it with my sister, brother in law and their two boys. Incidentally, the oldest of the boys, who's 12, is to blame for me downloading and enjoying Bleach. The little brat XD

I'm on AIM as well as MSN (ximeria and ximeria at gmail dot com repectively) if you want to chat a bit.

Fannishly, I've spent the afternoon making a new Merlin section for my website, I've got a Merlin fic in beta at the moment and I'm quietly enjoying the squeeage of entering another fandom *g*

Don't ask me to recount how many I'm already IN.

So, let's get this over with *grins*

Thank you everyone, for a lovely year. Should you ever find yourselves in need of a place to stay the night and you're somewhere near the middle of Denmark, give me a shout. The couch folds out and is surprisingly comfy *grins*

I'll be doing singular odes to some of you as we come closer to the new year, because some of you deserve more praise.

I do adore your guys so much.

Current Mood: sleepy