05 February 2011 @ 02:51 pm
Good afternoon peeps.  
So, how is everyone?

Me? A bit up and down. Morning started well enough. Slept in a bit, got up, went to the shopping centre to pick up a few things, use my gift voucher and swap a CD I got for my birthday. Not that I didn't like the CD, but it was a duplicate *g* - one of Carpark North's. And I wanted the new greatest hits album (which includes a disc of live versions and special editions of tracks). And I got that. It shouldn't have amounted to me chipping in with more than 120 kr (the swap was an older one on sale, the one I wanted was spanking new and a special edt to boot, hence the difference).

So, yeah, erm... I came out with 320 kr less in my purse.

Why? Because I made the mistake of watching CSI:NY on TV these past few weeks and they're up to mid season 4, I think. And I got hooked within half an episode (Gary Sinise's fault). So I figured, they normally have these boxes on sale at the store, so I checked the shelf. New one was 399 kr, but I wouldn't want that one yet anyway. Ah, look at that! Season 1 @ 99,95 kr - cheap. Oops, look at that! Season 2 at the same price! (Good thing S3 was still a bit more expensive XD)

Took me half an ep to like, two eps to really enjoy and get hooked and Gary Sinise for me to fall in utter, dorky love *g* (he's catnip for people with a competency kink *g*)

larger vers. under cut )

The down of today? Was the headache from hell I had when I came home :( - but that one's at least taken care of.

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