24 March 2012 @ 10:58 pm
Question on behalf of a friend (BBC Sherlock related)  
Hi guys,

it's me again (remember that x-men fic I was talking about - yeah, mutating by the minute XD)

However, I have made the aqaintance of [profile] trickylady (livejournal) and she is currently searching for betas in the BBC Sherlock fandom - now, I know one or two (or 15+) of you are into that so I promised her I'd poke you guys and see if you might be interested

She does, however, write some of the rarer pairings, like Sherlock/Moriarty (how is that rare?! Fandom-I-am-not-in, I am ashamed of you!) and Moriarty/Watson (interesting idea).

So, anyone interested? In that case, head over to her LJ and contact her - she's Trickylady in lj land and Ebyru on AO3 (how I love how it's constantly expanding and more and more people are on AO3).

Speaking of AO3, I still have an invite if anyone wants one *g*

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