26 December 2011 @ 04:12 pm
One of my presents...  
Hi guys - thought I'd share a bit of the loot here *g*

Earlier, I got the original Planet of the Apes box - all the old movies *g* - which I've had my eye on for ages.

D, friend I have from work gave me a fridge magnet saying "keep calm and call batman" - the only DC character I've ever liked *g* and it did crack me up.

Then [personal profile] nora_charles gifted me with a package of speciality dark beer - like stout and porter - om nom.

Nicci and the familyl gave me a bathrobe - one I will adorein the dead of winter where I really don't keep the flat all that warm (because the heat makes me sleepy)

Now Bex... Bex did me a Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr sketch. How can you not love her for this?

Sorry, it's not as such scanned in - so the quality is a bit off - just took the picture with my mobile phone.

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