10 January 2016 @ 10:52 pm
GSD challenge update  
Aye, it's going forward, I swear!


Well, I've got it planned out so that I know what I can get done in the week that's left. Originally I had two parts up at AO3 that were part of the warehouse 13 fusion, but I've disconnected the 2nd part as it won't fit in (so it will just have to be an alternate timeline to my AU *g*).

I should be able to get a prequel done that covers how Erik is dragged into the whole madness of the Warehouse. I think trying to get more than that done might be overdoing it ;) (I've got my last week of JavaScript course this week as well, so yeah).

It does not mean there won't be more *stares at 5 pages worth of brain storming*

I've got at least one part that will be a case in style with the show, probably and making use of the full team, hopefully, with some foreshadowing (this will all be pre-relationship). Then there's a part that will be more relationship focused (though still deal with the weirdness of the warehouse itself) - as well as delve deeper into what the warehouse IS. That part is roughly 2/3 of the brain storm! *sighs deeply* I can't seem to do simple anymore...

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